March 23, 2014
I am definitely a girly girl and I absolutely LOVE makeup.  So much so that a few years back I completed a certificate in makeup artistry. I’ve never intended it to be a career path (I have a University degree in science and psychology for that), but as I love learning I thought why not...
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Banana egg white pancakes have been floating around Pinterest and social media for a while now, so today I tried my luck at making them.  While my picture is a little questionable, they were AMAZING!  Super nourishing, filling, sweet (just the right kind of sweet) and simple to make.  I will definitely be making these...
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(Image Credit: Angel Riley Photography) I think anyone who is or has been pregnant would agree, typical maternity style is mostly awful.   My non-pregnancy wardrobe is tailored (mostly at the waist) which is obviously very unhelpful with an ever growing bump. So, to help you wonderful ladies out I have listed my top maternity style tips below for...
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