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I think anyone who is or has been pregnant would agree, typical maternity style is mostly awful.   My non-pregnancy wardrobe is tailored (mostly at the waist) which is obviously very unhelpful with an ever growing bump. So, to help you wonderful ladies out I have listed my top maternity style tips below for remaining stylish but comfortable while pregnant:

Look for inspiration


Pinterest is one handy tool! I found that I could look for fashion and styles that I liked, but that also looked comfortable and practical for the season and for the size of my bump. I really admired Kourtney Kardashian and Victoria Beckham’s maternity style (both happened to be pregnant at the same time as me!).

Clear out your wardrobe

Work out what still fits in your own wardrobe and put anything that doesn’t fit out of sight. I found it so much easier looking in my wardrobe and seeing only the clothes that I knew would fit, rather than having to look longingly at my skinny jeans or high waisted skirts.

Find some good online maternity websites

This was no easy feat, but I was lucky enough to stumble across ASOS Maternity early in my pregnancy. I purchased two dresses, leggings, and singlets. They have been my best maternity purchases to date.

Invest in scarves

Scarves are the best accessory through the cooler months, and especially in those first few months when your not ready for the world to know. I found some great scarves at shops like Kookai and Sportsgirl.

Don’t be afraid to shop at your favourite stores.

maternity style

This takes some imagination as well as a careful eye and time to try. Below are dresses that are NOT “maternity” but just normal clothing in my normal size. I’m happy that I did a bit of searching as I have continued to wear these post-pregnancy (see how I wore one at my son’s first birthday here). I found Jeans West to have the best dresses in baby doll styles that fit the bump nicely. Bonds does a great strapless maternity bra for strapless dresses. Look for fabric and seams that give, and you won’t be uncomfortable!

Buy (and wear) maternity bras as early as you need to

There is nothing worse (in my opinion) than having a bra too small and digging into your skin under clothes. My favourite brand was Loveable. I would also recommend a bra extender for clothes that just don’t work with maternity bras. As my ribs expanded, it was worth the $5 investment 🙂

Last but not least, embrace the bump

Wear fitting clothes if you are comfortable, add accessories to simple outfits if your budget doesn’t allow for a whole new wardrobe. I absolutely adore Kookai for that reason as almost every one of their stretchy dresses fits over the bump and still looks glam.  It is such a magical time, and being comfortable and able to enjoy it is so much more important than being super stylish. I hope this helps all the pregnant, or pregnant-to-be ladies out there. I would love to hear your maternity style tips too 🙂

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What are your top maternity style tips?