I am on a healthy bliss ball mission at the moment!  So many new recipes and they are all so so SOOOO good.  I couldn’t not share these apricot bliss balls that kinda just “happened” when I was in a hurry to make something for a barbecue last week.

Usually I will use a date paste for my bliss balls (like for my original bliss balls), but on this particular day I didn’t have the time to make the paste.  I had a quick rummage through the cupboards and pulled out some turkish dried apricots.

Somehow I was going to make it work.  To soften and plump the dried apricots (which helps to alleviate digestive upsets that usually coincide with dried fruit) I popped them in a microwavable cup, covered with water and microwaved on high for one minute.  You don’t have to do this, but I find apricots do something seriously insane to my stomach!  Turkish apricots are also darker in colour which gave the balls a “chocolate-y” colour, if you didn’t want to add cacao.

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apricot bliss balls 1

Once rolled, I dipped a few in white chocolate and unrefined organic coconut oil and set these in the fridge.

apricot bliss balls 2
apricot bliss balls 3
apricot bliss balls 4

These were seriously super delish, and I had a hard time keeping my son’s hands off them.  The good thing was when he helped himself at 9am the next day I didn’t have to worry as they were nutritious enough to have for morning tea (maybe just not the white chocolate ones…at least not every day…).

You can also make these into the perfect Christmas day treat with the addition of a few green and red edible sprinkles, similar to my Pretty Wee Christmas White Christmas bliss balls!

Apricot bliss balls 5