Clean eating baby: grilled “mousetrap” wraps

Yay, little L is finally on the mend (sort of).  It has been a rough few weeks with sickness in our household so it has been nice to have our boystrous, mischief boy back in action.

Little L is becoming so independent and wants to try everything himself – cue healthy, quick and easy finger foods that will actually make it to the mouth in one piece.  Let me tell you, finger foods are hard work!  Most end up on the floor, smooshed into my dining table, or on little L’s eyebrows (don’t ask me how??!).  But it is also super fun watching the concentration and determination that is required to have food make the mouth.


These grilled wraps were super quick, easy and healthy, and were NOT messy!  And the fiance seemed to enjoy them too.  Where I grew up (Southland, New Zealand), “mousetraps” and “cheeserolls” were staple foods, so this is a healthy and baby-friendly version of the traditional mousetrap/cheeseroll.

  1. In a bowl, mix together one egg, 1 small finely grated zucchini, 1/4 finely chopped red and green capsicum, 1/4 cup of finely grated cheese (I used less than that) and a touch of garlic.
  2. Add your protein.  The secret ingredient to my mixture was two tablespoons of my apple-chicken mix.  I have this made up and in the freezer to defrost and add to meals as required.  The mixture is made with minced organic chicken, grated apple, home made breadcrumbs (two slices of bread processed in the food processor), and a mixture of fresh herbs.  Dry fry in a frypan and freeze in portions.  Super tasty!
  3. Spread evenly across 1/3 of a mountain bread wrap.  These are super thin wraps which are perfect for little mouths.
  1. Roll as you would roll sushi, towards the 1/3 of the wrap that doesnt have any of the mixture spread across it.
  2. Place on a grill (I used the George Forman grill) and cook until the egg mixture no longer runs from the grill.  It is super important to cook the egg well for little bubbas.
  3. Cut into bite sized pieces, set aside to cool, and Voila! Dinner is served.