Hello pretty wee things, I am super excited to bring to you my FREE printable and budget-friendly YOU CAN EAT HEALTHY on a budget shopping list today, ideal for the Australian Spring.


This list is based on my actual shopping, so things that I buy week in, week out to feed my little family of three.  I ALWAYS stray from the list and get a few added extras (like chocolate, of course), especially if something is on sale.  But, these are the essentials I always have in my fridge and therefore what I use to make my meals.  Obviously I haven’t included non-food items (please still buy deodorant and toilet paper 😉 ).  But hopefully this list will at the very least serve as a guide to what is in season and cheap at the moment, and what you could buy frozen while it is still expensive/out of season.  If you don’t like something then swap it for something you do like (or better yet, give it a shot…you never know what could happen).

You will also notice that I haven’t listed quantities.  This is purely because everyone is different.  Everyone has different work-life schedules, different levels of activity, different sized families (for example, my husband-to-be has the appetite of an elephant…literally!).  I buy a *load of fruit and veggies and buy in bulk where I can (as it is a lot cheaper to do this).  I also shop at my local fruit barn, but even better would be shopping at your local farmer’s market.  Everything else I buy at Woolworths or Coles.

I roughly spend $220 a week on groceries, but this does also include the non-food items (and enough food to feed my elephant).  And anything baby-related is extra (and let me tell you, those wee things are little money-eating machines!!).

So, the moment you have all been waiting for…Click on the link below and you will have your very own copy of my FREE PRINTABLE YOU CAN EAT HEALTHY on a budget shopping list.  Woohoo. You can pair it with my top tips for eating healthy on a budget here.

You CAN eat healthy Spring shopping list (3)

I would love to know what you think, and if you think this list will be helpful for your next shop.  Next week I will share with you some of my favourite health food items that I buy only once every month or so.