What’s in my makeup bag? Makeup bag essentials


I am definitely a girly girl and I absolutely LOVE makeup.  So much so that a few years back I completed a certificate in makeup artistry. I’ve never intended it to be a career path (I have a University degree in science and psychology for that), but as I love learning I thought why not learn more about something I already enjoy doing.

I have chopped and changed favourite products over the years, but have definitely found some all time favourites along the way that are now makeup bag essentials.
My first favourite, and not exactly makeup, is the Kora Organics skincare range by Miranda Kerr. I have super sensitive skin, especially around my eyes, and I have found that since using Kora I have not had one issue with my skin (and can even try different makeup products without a reaction).  Surprisingly, during the day I actually don’t wear a lot of makeup, so I found the tinted day cream to be perfect for daily use (and it has the added bonus of a sunscreen).
For everyday makeup I will wear the Kora Organics tinted day cream, either Dior or CK bronzer (the Dior one is nice for day time wear as its not as heavy and blends well), Napoleon blush, and mascara. An absolute must-have for me is a good eyebrow powder (see more on brows here). My eyebrows are so fair (the downside to having blonde hair) and I haven’t plucked in years, they just won’t grow!!!
If I’m going out for dinner or with friends I will use the Dior nude foundation instead, powder with the Dior nude powder, and may chuck on some eyelashes. Eyes are a whole other playing field that I can share in a later post, but a favourite of mine is the Naked 2 palette.
If you have some free time and want to check out some fabulous makeup tutorials, check out Chloe Morello on YouTube. She is honestly amazing and its so easy to follow her tutorials!!  Here’s the link  to her blog 🙂
You can see to a more recent look into my makeup bag here, and here.
What are your makeup bag essentials?