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I will let you in on a little secret.  Even the healthiest of healthy eaters sometimes stray from their super healthy diet.  It’s natural, it’s human nature, and it’s actually totally okay.

If you indulged a little too much over the holidays and need a wee bit of motivation to get back into your jeans, here are 5 ways to get your diet back on track.  5 ways that I will be following this week!

And a quick FYI guys.  I don’t believe in “diets” so when I say ‘diet’ I am referring to the food you eat.  I am NOT referring to a restrictive diet.


Our bodies are walking water machines, with the average adult holding approximately 50-70% water at any one time.

Water fuels your body and brain, helps you think clearly, and also helps to alleviate boredom hunger.

Take a bottle everywhere you go.

If you aren’t a fan of plain water, try this DIY vitamin water as an alternative, or add a Greentea x50 tea to your morning glass.

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Walking is good for the soul.

And the hips, bums and thighs.

Walking is such a simple activity and can be done almost anywhere, at any fitness level.  Get outside, take the kids, or even jump on the treadmill during your favourite tv show.  Just get up and moving.

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Do you ever think ‘but I eat so healthy, why am I not fitting my jeans!’?

I do!

Sometimes those snacks, drinks and portion-sizes add up to a crazy amount of unnecessary food.

Starting a food log is a great way to work out where your excess calories are coming from, whether you are eating too much refined sugar, and also whether you are getting the recommended five servings of fruit and vegetables each day.

I challenge you to start a food log and keep it for 3 days, then reflect and make one change to the way you were eating.  For me, this is the only way I can truly reflect on just how many of those ‘little treats’ I am eating throughout the day.

I love using My Fitness Pal, and a Fitbit to log.  You can see how I use my Fitbit in more detail here, or print off my free 3 day food log by clicking the link below:

CLICK THIS LINK: 3 day food log PWTs


Depriving yourself for long periods of time can lead to intense cravings and binges.

If you aim to eat healthy 80% of the time you allow room for healthy treats each day.  There are so many delicious and healthy treats available, and many are so simple to make.

These healthy treats make great desserts and are free from refined sugar: healthy raw caramel slice, homemade chocolate, salted caramel melts, or bliss balls.

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A motivating friend is someone who will uplift you, motivate you, and share your happiness when you reach your goals.  They don’t need to be a professional or an expert, but someone who can help you to make healthy, positive and motivating choices.

Surround yourself with positive people and find someone who will hold you accountable, encourage you, and remind you that you are awesome.  Positive people are healthy people.

If you can’t find a motivating friend, email me at!  I would love to be your motivating friend!

5 ways to get your diet back on track
No photoshop or editing. Also no abs. Just a body-after-baby fuelled by healthy foods 80% of the time.

Can you add to these 5 ways to get your diet back on track?

12 Responses
  1. I love these tips and they’re so timely because my diet has totally derailed! I love my Fitbit, it’s a great way to keep accountable and a food diary can be a real eye opener, not to mention a great way to stay on track!

    1. Oh me too Sammie! I blame Easter…haha, no really, it’s my own fault. Yes, a food log is a great way to keep you in check, especially if you have to write down the not-so-healthy stuff…eeeek.

  2. I love this!! Some awesome tips lady! It’s all about getting things back on track and doing something little for yourself to get in the groove. And once you start doing something, it normally snowballs that motivation. You’re all over it!! xx

  3. Staying on track is a priority for me and yet it still is a constant challenge in my busy life so these healthy reminders are right on time! I’m pinning and sharing.