8 healthy bloggers who have your back

8 healthy bloggers who have your back


You’ve had your inbox and Facebook and Instagram and Pinterest boards FLOODED with decadent and delicious treats (like this OMG-tell-me-it’s-Christmas icecream cake pudding from Bake Play Smile).

But before you go into a post-sugar coma these 8 healthy bloggers have your back (and your health) in mind.

To live and diet in L.A

Whitney has your back!  She had your back at Thanksgiving with her tips for a healthier day so we know she will have our backs at Christmas.  I love her tips and tricks to keep us that little bit healthier throughout the Holiday season.  Plus have you seen her recipes!  I am itching to try her Maca berry breakfast smoothie bowl.

A lady goes west

Ashley is a ball of energy and totally down-to-earth inspiring.  She shares everything she eats in a day as well as quick workouts you can totally add in before you eat that cake (or maybe after…nothing quite like post meal motivation).

JS Health

Jessica always has our backs, but especially at Christmas.  I can often be found with a cup of hot tea stalking trawling her site for tips and tricks for a healthier me.  I love how relatable she is without coming across as ‘preachy’.  She also has an awesome book ‘A Healthy Life’ which would make the BEST Christmas present!  See me rave about it in my November favourites on Youtube.

The Merrymaker Sisters

These guys.  They are WAY too cute!  I was first introduced to them at Problogger 2015 and was instantly intrigued.  MEGA paleo recipes heading your way, like this healthy and paleo mint chocolate slice.  If your cooking for paleo friends and family this Christmas this is the blog you want to be hanging out at.  They even have a paleo Chicken stuffing!

Boiled eggs and soldiers

Victoria is a sweetheart and her recipes are simple, family-friendly and totally delicious.  And even though she is making me want a thermomix more and more I totally forgive her because she always shares the non-thermo recipe.  Keeping her cakes refined sugar free like this lime coconut and honey cake, we can have our cake and eat it too!

Peregrination Gourmande

Cathy is in France.  She is just so lovely.  And healthy.  And she has a totally legit and heart-aching reason to be healthy too (read her story here).  I know Christmas time spells limited motivation, so I love that she has shared how she stays motivated for a long time.  I’ll be reading this!

Chelsey Rose Health

I mean, isn’t she a sweetie!  I know I’m going to be needing her post about avoiding food cravings this Christmas!  And did I mention she has free meal plans too?  SOLD (well, it’s free…).

Land of Zonkt

Kim has our Christmas salads sorted with her Simple Salad series!  She even has an ebook so we can have all of her deliciousness at our fingertips.  And if you haven’t been lucky enough to hear me rave about Summer fruits yet then let me just tell you about Kim’s Grilled apricot salad!

And that’s it lovelies!  Do you feel healthier after hearing what these healthy bloggers have on offer?

24 days ’til Xmas 🙂

24 Responses
  1. Awh, aren’t you just gorgeous!
    Healthy Blogger… Didn’t catch my New York Cheesecake recipe then, bahahaha.
    Thanks so much for including me among some pretty awesome bloggers & may I just say YUM!
    Happy Christmas xx

    1. No way would I share Nougat with my husband (haha, okay, maybe he could have a little). I love nougat and I always love it when friends travel overseas and bring it back! It’s a cool saying isn’t it 🙂

    1. Agreed, portion sizes and quantities are definitely the hardest part! I feel like I need an advent calendar every day as a portion control method – it’s like the perfect amount of sweetness and you can’t open the next window until the next day because, well, you just can’t. These ladies are awesome!

  2. Oh love this! So in need of some healthy Christmas ideas – feeling a little overwhelmed at all the sugary recipes I keep seeing. Thanks – feeling like a healthier Christmas is possible now:)