Dusty Girls makeup

When it comes to makeup I am SUPER duper fussy.  Which is probably why it’s taken me quite a while to swap to natural makeup.  I’ve tried so many natural makeup brands and products in the last 4-5 years and very few have made it to my ‘must repurchase’ list (in fact, many have made it to the ‘must bin’ list!).  That is, until I found Dusty Girls makeup crafted by the geniuses behind MooGoo skincare.

A few months ago I swapped about 60% of my makeup to Dusty Girls (plus the Kora Organics tinted moisturiser because, well, Miranda) but I was still using regular eyeshadows, brow products and lipsticks.  The more I research lipstick (and how much we actually EAT) the more I wanted to switch to a natural brand.  But like I said before, so many natural versions that I have tried were a tad rubbish or left my lips feeling awful.

I only want to share with you lovelies the BEST OF THE BEST, which is why I wanted to give the products a good test run before sharing my thoughts.  I can start off my saying I have repurchased two of the Dusty Girls makeup products which says A LOT for how much I love them!

I love a natural but ‘made up’ makeup look and I especially love earthy tones (I think earthy browns suit my skin type and hair colour the best), so naturally (pun intended) I was jumping at the chance to try the new Dusty Girls Makeup eyeshadows.  I can now say that 80% of my makeup products are l’naturale and I can’t see myself switching back any time soon.

Dusty Girls makeup 3

Dusty Girls makeup 4

So if you are thinking about making the switch to more natural makeup products then read on – this is for you 🙂

Let me share with you my thoughts:

  1. I don’t get breakouts.  Before I switched to natural makeup I was using heavier (not-at-all-natural) foundation EVERY SINGLE DAY.  Ugh.  My poor skin.  I switched to the Dusty Girls natural mineral makeup about 6 months ago (when I filmed this video) and I haven’t had a breakout since – yes, even while pregnant.  I have even had friends and colleagues comment on my makeup, which clearly tells me it’s working for me.
  2. The blush is beyond pretty and totally suits my skin tone.  I love that it has a hint of shimmer so I don’t need a highlighter.
  3. The bronzer and eyeshadows are SUPER pigmented but also easy to blend.  And buildable (meaning you can add more product for a more intense look).
  4. The colours are earthy and natural.  They eyeshadow colours would suit just about anyone.  When I first opened the eyeshadows I was a little nervous as they were slightly more shimmery than I prefer (I’m talking super subtle, but I have hooded eyelids which makes it difficult to use shimmery eyeshadow).  But, on the eye it was a different story.  The shimmer just brought out the colour – so no disco eyeballs.
  5. The lip colours are pretty and subtle and ALSO leave lips feeling soft.  The guava pink doesn’t suit me at all on it’s own, but with a gloss overtop it’s a whole different story (I think it would best suit anyone super tanned or super pale).  The chia seeds lip stick, however, has quickly become a makeup bag essential!  I absolutely love the subtle colour it gives.

Dusty Girls makeup 6

Dusty Girls makeup 7

Dusty Girls makeup 2

Product’s used:

Kora Organics tinted day cream

Dusty Girls natural mineral foundation in Medium

Dusty Girls natural mineral Bronzer

Dusty Girls natural mineral Blush

Dusty Girls Natural Mineral Eyeshadow in Going Buff

Dusty Girls Natural Mineral Eyeshadow in Dark Cacaco

Dusty Girls Natural Vegan Lipstick in Chia Seeds

Clinique Mascara

Natio Brow powder

I will film a makeup video soon and share with you how I am using the Dusty Girls makeup.  It’s safe to say I am a natural makeup convert!

Have you switched any of your makeup products to a more natural version?

6 Responses
  1. I’ve been dying to try this brand and after reading this I think I now will. It looks gorgeous and if love to be able to switch out my make up for natural stuff. I’ve pretty much done the skin and body care products but next on the list is make up. Xx

    1. No I haven’t tried the Dr Hautschka makeup, only the skincare and I liked it but didn’t love it. The makeup is lovely, especially if your not into a full face of makeup as it’s subtle and light. It doesn’t feel heavy on the face. I agree with you though, Dior lipstick is still amazing!