new year's resolution

Ah, it’s that time of the year again.  That time you set your New Year’s resolutions only to give up by March (or January 2nd…).  You’re definitely not alone. Resolutions, whether for New Year’s, or not, take time and effort to keep up. Why not get a head start on your resolution and begin the New Year on the right foot? Here are some ways to help you start!

Write it down

Write down your resolution anywhere and everywhere in your home. If you see it on a daily basis you will hold yourself accountable to complete it. A resolution should be something that is not easy to forget and not easy to skip over. If you see it written down everywhere it can provide you a constant reminder and stop you from giving up early.  My favourite spots: The fridge door, the bathroom, your mirror and even your mobile phone lock screen.

Make it a habit

If you repeatedly do something at least twenty times, it’s bound to become a habit. If your resolution is something you plan to do every day, then do it every day (schedule it if you have to)! The more times you do something the more opportunity it has to become second nature to you. If you prepare adequately then come the start of the year you’ll be ready to continue the goal throughout the year and meet that New Years resolution!  My favourite habit making tips: schedule, schedule, schedule, prioritise, and make it an achievable goal (i.e something that isn’t totally off the charts).

Work out at home

If your resolution is fitness based, try working out at home. Are you planning to get a gym membership in the New Year? Try some at home workouts to get you used to training and sweating. Home videos are really easy to follow and fitness equipment is not super expensive – maybe try adding a treadmill in your garage to build your cardio in a familiar environment. You can get equipment from companies like Fitness Market that offer great deals and multiple options to fit your needs.  My favourite tips for home workouts: Commit to the shortest time needed to get you moving (because usually you will work out twice as long – I only commit to 5-10 minutes but usually go for at least 15-30), schedule, and just start!  See my 10 minute at home workout here.

17 weeks pregnant here - once you are in a routine it becomes second-nature.
17 weeks pregnant in this early morning garage shot.  Once you are in a routine it becomes second-nature.  I jump on my treadmill and catch up on social media.

Enlist a buddy

Resolutions can be a lot easier to handle if you have someone else to hold you accountable. Enlist the help of a friend to either make the resolution with you, or help to keep you motivated. Sometimes just that little bit extra motivation can be enough of a push to get you going. On the same token, you can also act as a motivator for your friend too!  I LOVE this tip!

Make arrangements

Your resolution may just shake up your schedule, home, and family routines. Make arrangements in the lead up to the New Year that will make your resolution more attainable in your daily life. For example, if your goals are fitness-related and you need time to yourself you enlist the help of a babysitter, friend or family member to help out at a set time each day (making you more accountable).  If your goal is health or food related you could pre-order any food you might need and keep some back-up meal plans for those busy weeks.  Whatever works for you and your family!


Think about your resolution. Have you ever done anything like this before? What worked well, what could you improve to make it even better this time around?  Before the clock strikes 12, practice, and get your body and mind ready. If you know what to expect then you will be much more at ease come January 1.

You can make resolutions at any time of the year but the New Year is traditionally a time of new beginnings so it provides the perfect opportunity for a fresh start. Begin working on your resolution now to activate the habit and fulfil all of your goals in 2016!

Do you make New Year’s resolutions?  Feel free to share in the comments to make you even more accountable 😉

4 Responses
  1. Great post, Krissy! I’m writing down my resolutions today so this advice couldn’t come at a better time! My main resolution this year is actually to continue with last year’s resolution – exercising at least 30 minutes per day. You’re absolutely right about the exercise equipment – this time last year I bought myself an exercise bike to help with my resolution, and honestly it was the best $70 I’ve ever spent! I would say this year I’ve done 30 mins per day at least 80% of the time, so my new resolution is to increase that to 90%. I’m really enjoying it, and it’s becoming easier and easier as my fitness increases. A very happy New Year to you and your family! 🙂

    1. To you and yours also! Totally agree with the home equipment. I initially thought it might have been a waste of money but I think it’s all about where you put it and how you create a habit. We used to have our treadmill in our room but it just became a clothes horse. Now that it’s in the garage and we have made a ‘home gym’ I use it every other day. Great resolution! xx