One of the most frequently asked questions over on my Facebook page has to be what my favourite healthy products are.  I love hearing from you and I love sharing with you how I try to incorporate the 80/20 rule into my lifestyle too.  So today I am sharing my favourite healthy products from September.

My relationship with food has been a rocky road and so my current life philosophy is all about not allowing anything to become all-consuming.  I personally think it is near impossible to live a 100% perfect healthy lifestyle in 2015.  We live in a world where there are chemicals all around us so instead of missing out on some of the things I value I just try to live 80% healthy.

These are some of my favourite healthy products that I am currently using:

Natural toothpaste

This is one I was so skeptical about.  I just never thought natural toothpaste would work.  But it does.  I purchased this one from Divine by Therese Kerr and have been using it for about 3 months now.  It is a little pricy but when I went to the dentist for my 6 month check up they asked me if I had been whitening my teeth!  No new cavities and whiter teeth.

I have always used a natural toothpaste for my son.  At the moment I am using this Jack n’ Jill certified organic toothpaste which I purchased from a local health food store.

Sept favourite healthy products 1

Certified organic eye cream and lip balm

I’m 28 so I am lucky enough to not have too many wrinkles under my eyes, but I would like to try and keep it that way for as long as I can.  I love the Kora Organics by Miranda Kerr Recovery Eye Gel Cream (find it here) and gently tap it under my eyes each night.  I don’t know if it works but I certainly haven’t seen any new lines 😉

I also use the lip balm from Kora and it has to be one of my favourite lip balms to date.  It moisturises and doesn’t make you feel like you have to reapply every few hours to keep your lips hydrated (like some other brands d0).  You can find it here.

Sept favourite healthy products 2

Natural deodorant

If you only take one thing away from this post then please let it be to USE NATURAL DEODORANT.  Under our arms we have lymph nods that lie close to the skin.  Aluminium (not to mention the other chemicals contained in regular deodorant) is a known neurotoxin that has been linked to breast cancer and other disorders such as Alzheimer’s disease.

I love the Deo Nat brand but I am not a huge fan of the crystal as I find it annoying to wet.  Deo Nat do a liquid version of the one shown which I love.


  1. Darbre PD. Aluminum, antiperspirants and breast cancer. J Inorg Biochem. 2005 Sep;99(9);1912-9.

Sept favourite healthy products 4

Natural face/body wash

I just finished this bottle of Milk Wash by MooGoo and I am devastated!  It is definitely on my repurchase list.  My favourite thing about it (aside from the huge bottle) is that it actually cleans my makeup from my face to perfection.  I have tried so many different facial cleansers, wipes and scrubs and I usually end up having to wash my face multiple times.  With the Milk Wash I never had to wash my face more than once.

You can find it here.

Sept favourite healthy products 5

Natural baby products

I also use natural body and shampoo products for my son.  I have been using the Eco Store products since he was born and I love them.  Unfortunately my son has developed my skin issues (eczema) so I will be looking into products that help sooth this for him, but these products don’t seem to be the culprits.  The Eco Store range is available in most supermarkets.

Sept favourite healthy products 6

Natural laundry detergent

Again with the Eco store.  Anyone would think this was a sponsored post (it’s not FYI).  I use the Eco Store laundry powder unless the liquid is on special (as it is a little pricy and doesn’t go as far).  I find it cleans our clothes really well and also doesn’t irritate my skin.

Sept favourite healthy products 7

Natural hand wash and sanitiser

I have spoken before about the terrible dermatitis on my hand, which means I need to be ultra careful about the products that I use around the house.  I always have natural hand washes available and definitely notice a difference when I am at work for the day (and have to use regular hand wash).  It also smells DIVINE!  Again, this one can be purchased at the supermarket 🙂

Sept favourite healthy products 8

My biggest piece of advice would simply be to add healthy products as you can.  No need to throw out everything you already have (except for commercial deodorant, you should probably consider throwing it out).  When you hit the end of your current product simply see if there is a healthier alternative to replace it.  Sometimes they are simple to find and sometimes a little harder.  I look for products without certain chemicals that I know aren’t great or for products that are certified organic.  As you can see from my video, some healthy products are hit and some are a miss.  It’s all about trialling and seeing what works for you.

Do you use natural products around the home?  Do you follow the 80/20 lifestyle rule too?

6 Responses
  1. Awesome video girl!! I’ve been trying to use more natural products so I will definitely check these out. The milk face wash looks so soothing. Question though – do you find the natural deodorant works well? I’ve tried a few brands that didn’t quite cut it :/

    1. Thank you lovely. I think that is definitely the downside to natural deodorants. You have to reapply multiple times each day. I don’t like the crystal one but I do like the liquid version of the crystal. Some have left me itchy and others I found terrible. Still on the hunt for an awesome one but I have noticed that the longer I use it the less issues I have. xx

  2. I loved this video and have been trying to go low tox for a while now too. I bought the moogoo shampoo and conditioner which I love but definitely going to check out the milk wash too! Xx