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13 Responses
  1. Cheryl M

    I LOVE the “Raspberry” Green Tea X50 for its vibrant fruity taste – its what I use to hydrate myself while doing group fitness classes at my local gym….but….I hear there is a new flavor Green Tea X50 on the block – “Mango” ! This could very easily be my new favorite flavor , I haven’t tried it yet 🙂

    1. Cheryl M

      ps: I also love the fact it vertically has minimal calories – there is no sugar & it is chock full of anti-oxidants…all that PLUS it boost the metabolism…Winning !!!

  2. Sam

    I love the mango flavor! It is so versatile – I can use it in my breakfast yogurt, as a pre, during or post work out drink, and is AMAZING when I have a sugar / soft drink craving – a true snack saver for my diet!!

    1. Yes I totally agree about using it as a soft drink craving alternative!! I saw someone mix it with soda water the other day, what a fab idea. Thanks for entering, and stay tuned for the competition results!!

  3. Oh I would love to win this wonderful pack of Green tea x50 and my favorite is the Raspberry because I love red berries of any kind. I truly need something like this at the moment as I gave up smoking ( 1 year now) and although I feel so much better I have piled on a couple of horrible kilos on. Thanks for your great smoothie recipe!