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  1. I can’t wait for summer to get here so we can begin getting our fruits and vegetables from our local farmer’s market. We are starting to get some things in, and it’s nice to know that what we are getting is better for us than what we can get at the store. I’ll definitely be keeping this in mind.

  2. Thanks this is really useful. If you are interested we could work on a post together about healthy food. I became interested in consciously eating when my girl was sick of cancer. She was a baby. Since then we changed our eating life. I would have a lot to say about that but that could be funnier with another blogger mate!
    xx cathy

    1. 🙂 I have it saved to my phone. It was interesting researching as there were a few that pop up in other dirty dozen lists but that didn’t make sense when looking into it more. But there are definitely ones that made every single list and for very good reason.

  3. This is brilliant! Thanks so much for sharing- makes so much sense! It’s scary to think of what’s really going on our fruit and veggies. And even scarier when then feeding them to our babies!! I’m on the hunt now, thanks lovely! x

    1. I know! I guess growing up on a market produce farm I got to know in a little more detail what happens to our fruit and veggies before they reach the shelves. Most of them are made with a lot of hard work and love, but sometimes some pretty harsh sprays are used.

    1. Bel I used to think the same but I just found a local girl who does large organic family boxes for under $50. I have organic veggies coming out of my ears. Worth hunting around to find a local organic farmer who is supplying wholesale, as they are marked up a lot at supermarkets!