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  1. Hey dear! I love zoodles. I use to make them with caroodles! (carrot noodles) and cook them a bit to eat them warm. I would love to try those! Could you send a picture of the machine you use to cut them in that size? I find it very chic! xx cathy

    1. What a good idea to use carrots! I have also heard people use sweet potato too!. I just use a plain old stainless steel julienne peeler. Nothing fancy at all, they are about $10 AU.

    1. Just a plain old stainless steel julienne peeler Sammie! Nothing fancy at all. When I spoke to the guy at the kitchen shop he said after all the work he had done in kitchens, the traditional julienne peeler was still the most reliable, and I think he is totally correct.

    1. Oh I love hanging out there each Friday too! Yes they are the best, and also the cheapest option for zucchini noodles. No need for fancy spirallizer’s when a julienne peeler works just as well.