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  1. Yum! I made protein pancakes a few weeks back using my TriBeCa Health Skinny Protein, and made a sauce very similar to yours using Chocolate PB2 – they are now one of my fave treats!c:)

  2. I’ve never tried protein powder but I’ve tried lots of pancakes and these look totes delicious. I have to get on the Mayver’s Train, I’ve heard such good things about their products. When it comes to nut butters, I usually make my own! PS That photography is just swoonsome!

    1. Oh do you have instructions on your blog for nut butter Sammie? I realllllllly want a thermomix so that I can make my own everything. For now I will just have to stick to Mayver’s. If you do try it then you must give the dark chocolate super spread a go, it’s amazing. x

  3. Right. I have to try this sauce next week end. I ve never tried protein powder because i use eggs. In my bakery class i learn à lot about eggs. So interesting. But of course for vegan people. .. Xx cathy

    1. Oh I would love to learn more about eggs. I unfortunately have this thing about egg yolks, the though of them make me feel a little sick. I can eat them mixed into something but definitely not alone, so I am all for vegan options when it comes to eggs!

  4. I’ve never tried vegan protein powder – love that you’ve introduced me to it. These sound amazing. Gorgeous photos too! Thanks so much for joining our Fabulous Foodie Fridays party 🙂