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    1. I need to try this amazing muesli you speak of! It’s so hard to find a good muesli. Definitely go easy on the green powder if you are new to it or find it tastes bitter (because it kind of does). The rest is delicious 🙂

  1. I won’t lie I seldom eat breakfast.
    Its a coffee to start my day, anything before 9.30am makes me want to be sick, for some reason.
    I just cant do it.
    But, if I am home after 9.30 and am a little peakish, I don’t mind having something and museli is a great alternative.
    I haven’t made my own in a while, I do tend to add a bit of sweet though, maple syrup…. could be worse.
    But I stay clear of the dried fruits, not just because of the sugar or preservatives but I just can’t handle them in milk. lol
    So, I love that this one doesn’t have them, and the cocoa addition is pretty cool too.
    Thanks for linking up to Your Weekly Feed hun. xx

    1. Cacao is the best addition to almost everything! I have a few friends who can’t eat first thing in the morning either. There is actually some great research to support intermittent fasting (where you go for longer periods of time between dinner and breakfast) so that’s a bonus for you 😉