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    1. Yes! It might not be perfect for all baking recipes but it seems to work well, especially in breads or cakes that are quite moist anyway. Let me know if you try it and what you think!

  1. Great article. I really love chia seeds! I always have a whole lot of them in the fridge to have on hand for when I need a quick breakfast for work the next day. I like to make myself a little chia macadamia pudding with date caramel – tastes like dessert but totally healthy, yay! I soak the seeds in macadamia milk overnight in a little jar then top with caramel (just Medjool dates, warm water and vanilla all blended up) the next morning and some chopped macadamias on top. It is sooo good and I love the creamy/buttery flavour of the macadamias, as it really satisfies any cravings for something fatty. Maybe I should blog that one, come to think of it! As for your chia egg idea, I’ve never tried that!! Although I have heard of it a couple of times I think. I’m intrigued! I will need to try to make something using them, as I’m always up for trying new vegan ideas. And your raw caramel slice looks just superb, Krissy. We’ve just had dinner so I’m at that stage where I just want a little something sweet, so I seriously have my eye on that slice right about now… 🙂