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  1. This post was really interesting, Krissy. I love these kind of personal insights! We certainly have a set shopping routine in our house as well. We always buy the same staples at the supermarket each Friday night after work – rolled oats, milk, almond milk, muesli, canned foods, natural yoghurt and eggs, then we buy fresh fruit and veg, fish and a small block of cheese at the farmers markets every Saturday. Throughout the week I’ll also pick up bits and pieces on my way home from work – usually some bananas and fresh chicken for dinner. We usen’t to plan everything out so much but we’ve been doing it for about a year now and it’s saving us so much time and money! I hope all is well with you and that you’re feeling healthy and strong during your pregnancy xxx

    1. Thank you lovely! I think having a shopping routine is definitely super helpful when it comes to eating well forever. At the start you might have to prepare and list and meal plan but after a few months you just ‘know’ what you need to buy and what you don’t need to buy. And then shopping becomes so easy! xx

  2. Oh I loved that sneak peak into your Trolly! I’ll be on the lookout for those rice crackers… Miss 6 loves rice crackers and I’m all for a healthier option. Where do you get them from, just a regular supermarket? Xx

  3. You know that i became addicted to coconut yogurt!!! I have to try the recipe that I found to make them. Where do you buy your eggs? You don’t use them? The budget of food in Australia is very high. I found it sometimes even cheaper to have a good breakfast in a restaurant than buying the ingredients. I mean from a french point of view of course. xx cathy

    1. Yes it is quite pricey compared to some countries (cheaper than New Zealand) but once you find local stores or suppliers it’s not so bad. I buy my eggs either from the organic fruit and veggie provider or from the farmers market. I only buy eggs every 2-3 weeks though as I don’t really eat them. My son, however, LOVES eggs! That is so funny that you loved the coconut yogurt! I will keep an eye out for a recipe from you!!

  4. Interesting read Krissy! U have inspired me with a few things to add to my shop this week – organic corn thins for me and my Bub I think will be a winner!

    1. Oh they are soooo good Jayne, and so versatile! Sometimes I even have them at work as a quick lunch and simply top them with spinach, tomato, avo etc. My son is definitely a HUGE fan of them! He loves a nut butter sandwiched between them. xx