I didn’t shower for three days | MooGoo natural deodorant challenge

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For the month of August I was super grateful and excited to take part in the 28 day MooGoo natural deodorant challenge.  A challenge that saw me swap my everyday deodorant to the MooGoo one.

When I first made the swap (aka giant leap of faith hoping I wouldn’t spend the day smelling) to natural, aluminium free deodorant a few years ago I was totally skeptical.  I knew the likely health benefits, but I really (like REALLY) didn’t want to smell.

Which is exactly why I’m sharing the MooGoo month with you – so you can see just what you are in store for if you make the switch too!  And let me tell you.  The challenge got off to a bumpy start!

Now let me just fill you in if you’re new here.  I’m not new to natural deodorants.  In fact, I’ve been using them for a few years now.  BUT I am new to the MooGoo natural deodorant and I’ve also tried my fair share of natural deodorants (some of which left me smelling worse than if I didn’t even wear a deodorant!).  It takes patience, trial-and-error and a little bit of luck to find the perfect natural deodorant that agrees with your body and skin.

I made the switch for the reason most people do.  Primarily because there have been a number of studies that suggest there MAY be a link between antiperspirant deodorants and breast cancer.  While there is little research showing a causal relationship I just don’t think it’s worth the risk when there are awesome natural products available.

So, how did I go?  Let’s take a look!


I’ll let you in on a little secret.  I kind of cheated and started early…

I know.  I’m just not the most patient person and my MooGoo natural deodorant arrived a few days early.

Totally worth cheating though.

Last week I had been using another brand of natural deodorant and only a few days earlier I had been complaining to my husband that I felt like I always smelt (which, of course, he always denied).  It was like no matter how much I applied of the other deodorant I couldn’t mask the smell.

When the MooGoo natural deodorant arrived I used it the very next morning.

First impression?

I was impressed with the smell.  No flowers.  I can’t do flowery deodorant.

I was impressed with the roll.  Did you know I’ve actually had scars from trying to roll natural crystal under my arms (ouch!).

I was also impressed with the super cute packaging.  The type of product you don’t mind leaving on your counter top.

Now I had heard through the grapevine that you have to let the MooGoo fresh cream deodorant dry before getting dressed and the grapevine wasn’t wrong. I was too eager to put my black clothing (activewear to be precise…#mumlife) on and was left with some lovely white marks on the sleeves.  FAIL.  But I only made that mistake once.


You’re not going to believe this.  I haven’t showered for three days!

No, I’m not channelling my inner Pocahontas.  The temperature gauge on my hot water cylinder broke OVER THE WEEKEND when my husband wasn’t home (FIFO wife right here).  Why oh why do these things always happen on the weekend!  After a few attempts to fix it myself (of which my toddler probably could have done a better job) and a few calls to tradesmen it took a total of three days before I was able to have a hot shower again.

On the plus side, I REALLY put my MooGoo natural deodorant to the test.  I mean, if it can get me through three days of no showers I can trust it with my life.

Those three days saw me apply the deodorant morning and night rather than just once a day.  But still I smelt fresh as a daisy (but not like an actual daisy).


Don’t worry, my hot water is fixed lovelies!

I’ve been working out a little more this week, including middle-of-the-day HIIT workouts while the kiddies sleep.  There was only one day I had to reapply the MooGoo natural deodorant and that was the day I wore my daughter in the baby carrier for her sleep after I did a work out.

Safe to say I’m impressed.


My husband’s home and I had a super jam-packed week with his family staying.  Which meant a lot more baby-wearing for naps so we could get out of the house during the day.  Just like last week, I felt like I needed to apply twice on the days I baby-wore, but I was also walking A LOT on those days (if you’ve baby-worn your baby to sleep you will know why.  They sense you are about to stand still and flicker their little eyes just enough for you to carry on walking).

 At the end of my 28 day challenge I am totally converted to MooGoo natural deodorant.  The is the fourth natural deodorant I have tried in the past two years and definitely one of the better ones.  Safe to say my challenge will continue beyond this month.

Have you tried natural deodorant?  Would you make the switch?

If you want to try MooGoo natural deodorant (and other goodies) for yourself, make sure you grab 15% off by using the code ‘jointheherd’ when shopping online.  You can find it HERE!

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  1. I love natural mineral makeup but have been afraid to make the switch to an all natural deodorant – but you just might have convinced me to give this a go – especially when breast feeding. Thanks for linking in with the Ultimate Rabbit Hole – guest host, Shari from GoodFoodWeek xo

    1. It’s totally worth trying. I think with anything, it does take a little to transition and be okay with maybe having to re-apply once or twice until your body becomes used to it. Let me know what you think of it if you do try it!