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  1. Sounds amazing, Krissy! And I love that this recipe is your Mum’s. It’s too true that Mums always have the best recipes ever! Mine makes a great muesli too (although we haven’t made it together in many, many years as she has since been diagnosed as a coeliac) and a fabulous spinach and feta pie!

  2. love seeing what other people put in muesli! I am a coconut in muesli fan so this recipe sounds awesome to me thanks Krissy (and your Mum!)

  3. That sounds fabulous.
    Love a Mum recipes and one that’s this fabulous is certainly worth having.
    I hope it’s not to long for you now hun, nothing harder than those lost few weeks and a little one in toe {EXHAUSTION}.
    Take care and care wait to see your bundle of joy. xx
    Thanks for linking up to YWF.