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I love discovering new and pretty natural beauty products to share with you and this month I have some goodies!

If you have been following along for a while you will know that I try to incorporate 80% healthy, 20% indulgent to all areas of my life including the products that I use around the house and on my skin.

Why?  Because the more I research the chemicals in products the more I freak myself.  There are SOOOOO many toxic (for ourselves AND for the environment) ingredients in everyday products that we don’t even know about.  Products are so cleverly marketed and we are often sucked in by the price tag too (unfortunately, the downside to natural beauty products is that they are usually a little expensive).  But don’t be fooled, do your research!

I’ve tried 1000000000 different natural beauty products and I will probably continue to try 100000000000 more.  Which is exactly why I wanted to share with you the winners in my eyes.  And let me tell you, they aren’t all winners!  There have been massive fails along the way (like stinky underarms). We won’t go there.

I’ve selected a variety of natural beauty products from makeup to night cream to baby products to toothpaste.  If you are a chemical-conscoius mumma then you will love some of the selections!

So to save you from fails (and stinky underarms), here are my favourite natural beauty products from the month of January:

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Dusty Girls Vegan Lipstick in Chia Seeds.  I’m absolutely in love with this stuff.  It doesn’t have the staying power of some lipsticks but if you lick your lips you can guarantee you’re not eating a concoction of chemicals.  The colour is beautiful and will suit almost any skin tone.

See my full Dusty Girls Makeup review here.

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I’ve now tried nearly every ‘flavour’ of this Jack n’ Jill toothpaste for my son.  He absolutely loves them and as a chemical-conscious mumma I love them too.  Little kids are terrible at spitting out their toothpaste so the safest option is to use a chemical-free one.  I buy this from my local health food store for approximately $7 and it lasts for about 2-3 months (one child brushing morning and night).

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I’ve been looking for a natural night creme for the longest time but just couldn’t find one that I loved and that didn’t cost the Earth.  I love Kora Organics but I save my money for my absolute favourites because they are PRICEEEEEY.  This essano Rosehip night creme was a bit of a steal at around $25!  I bought this one from Priceline Pharmacy.

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It took me the longest time to convert to natural toothpaste.  I was sooooo sceptical.  And I take my hat off to the marketing directors of big toothpaste companies – they do a damn good job at making you think only their brands will clean your teeth.  But guess what, I’ve been using this tooth mousse by Divine by Therese Kerr for 9 months now and at my last dental checkup my teeth were perfectly fine (a shock because I usually need work done EVERY.SINGLE.TIME).

Don’t take my word for it, do your own research.  But if you are convinced that a natural toothpaste alternative is the way to go then this one is awesome.  The texture is a little funky at the start (it’s more of a gel and doesn’t really foam) but it makes ‘normal’ toothpaste seem super strange after a while!  One tube is about $20 but lasts me approximately 2-3 months (one person, brushing morning and night).

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Now this natural deodorant is one I have raved about in just about every one of my Youtube favourites videos!  I now have a pretty decent stock of it in my bathroom cabinet and I absolutely love it.  As mentioned above, I’ve had a few mis-haps when it came to trying natural deodorant.  This one, however, hasn’t failed me yet (and FYI, I live on the Gold Coast in super humid and hot conditions, AND I’m pregnant.  Basically, a sweaty mess).  One of these costs about $6 and lasts approximately 1-2 months (daily use).  You MUST look for the liquid version though.  The crystal stick is crap (in my opinion).

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Now this, mumma’s, is a handbag essential!  If you have snotty, dirty children like I do then you will want to have this organic hand sanitiser by Divine Baby handy.  It’s safe to use on big and little hands and it actually works.  I love that it doesn’t smell like a brewery and doesn’t leave a weird feeling on the hands.  It also doesn’t dry out my hands like regular sanitiser does.  This is the third tube I’ve purchased ($14.95) but it lasts well if you’re not a total germ-a-phobe.

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I only discovered these Water Wipes a few months ago and I wish I had seen them sooner!  Totally chemical free and made using only two ingredients.  I absolutely love them, and my son does too.  I can’t remember how much they are, perhaps around $5 a pack, but they are well worth the $$.  I grab mine with my weekly shop at Woolworths.

My advice when it comes to transitioning to natural beauty products is to simply replace your used products with healthy alternatives when possible.  Not all products have ‘healthy’ natural alternatives and some are absolute crap and need a bit of work.  But when you find a product you love it’s totally worth it!

Do you have any natural beauty products you absolutely can’t live without?   Share your favourite in the comments so we can all try a new product this month!

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  1. Love the look of all these products, Krissy! I’m a bit of a noob when it comes to beauty products, and I definitely like to avoid any toxic products, so these are all great suggestions. I’m particularly keen to try the Therese Kerr toothpaste alternative. We currently use a herbal toothpaste, but from past experience I find they can be a bit hit and miss. I used to use a super-natural one from Miessence, and it actually gave me the weirdest brownish/yellow marks on my teeth while I was using it that wouldn’t come off with brushing. As soon as I stopped using it they went away (fortunately!!) and I still don’t know what component of the product caused them. The one we have at the moment is still white and foamy so probably not the best option on the market, but at least it’s fluoride-free and not making my teeth look strange! I will need to give this one a go next time 🙂

    1. Oh I wonder what was in the toothpaste to cause that! The tooth mousse by Therese Kerr is a definite must-try! I haven’t tried the lemon flavour, only the mint (I feel like lemon would be kind of weird for a toothpaste but maybe not), but I am absolutely converted! It is a little pricey, the only downside. Let me know if you do try it!