How to silence food guilt in 5 steps

Christmas can be a really tough time of year for anyone struggling with their relationship with food (you can read more about my story here).  In fact, even if you’re not struggling with your relationship with food, chances are you have at some point struggled a little with food guilt.  And more than likely it has popped up after Christmas feasting.

Christmas has likely been and gone by the time you are reading this so I want to talk about how we can silence food guilt once and for all.  A huge topic, but one we need to chat about because we aren’t doing ourselves any favours by dwelling on yesterday.

Yesterday no longer exists.  Only our memories and feelings do.  

What do you want to remember about yesterday (or Christmas day)?  Do you want to remember the beautiful food you prepared and shared (regardless of whether it fitted perfectly with your lifestyle)?  Do you want to remember the laughter?  Do you want to remember the face your child pulled when they opened the gift you bought three months ago because you KNEW they were going to lose their stockings over it?

Or do you want to remember feeling physically sick from overeating?  Do you want to remember feeling ashamed that you had no self control?  Do you want to remember feeling as though you are worthless, fat and ugly because you can’t say no to a second helping of pavlova? 

Of course you don’t.  Of course you don’t want these memories to be your tomorrow.  Right?!

You are none of the above, and none of the above exists.  You are beautiful, you are strong and you are worthy.  Worthy enough to enjoy food, any food, without feelings of guilt or overwhelm.  

How you remember yesterday is 100% to do with your mind.

How you act tomorrow is also reflective of your mind.

What are you going to choose to think?  Because those thoughts will define your tomorrow.

silence food fears define tomorrow

Silence your food guilt NOW with these 5 steps:


You are the most judgemental and critical of your own actions.

You think more about yourself than any other person does.

You think more about what other people think of you than they think of you.

Haven’t you heard the saying.

Those that matter don’t mind.  Those that mind don’t matter.

Forgive yourself.  Forgive your actions.  Forgive your feelings.

Don’t forget them, as that is ignorance.  But forgive yourself on every level.

You are not your food fears and you are most definitely NOT the thoughts or opinions  you think others have of you.



Tell me more about your food fears.  What exactly are you fearful about?

Are you fearful that you have sabotaged your ‘diet’?  That you have gained 10 kilograms in a week?

What are you REALLY fearful of?

Are you really fearful of how others will perceive you?

Sit with those feelings and process them.  Write them down or say them out loud.  What are you really afraid of.  

Now take those fears and learn…



The only way you really fail is if you never learn.

What will you take away from today?  What will you learn from your actions or inactions?

What will you do differently tomorrow?

Really ask yourself these questions.



What was good about the day?  What was the BEST thing that happened?

What were you freaking amazing at?  What did you do SO well?

What are you grateful for?

Reflect on all the good stuff because the good stuff matters most.

It’s actually not about the food at all.



So tell me, beautiful, what are you going to do differently tomorrow?





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