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  1. I love that every day quote, because it really does sum up gratitude. Even a good coffee, sunshine, having food, etc can be a cause of gratitude.

  2. I’ll be honest, I’m not sold on the whole gratitude thing yet. Don’t get me wrong — I am grateful for a lot of things in my life. But I think gratitude can lead to guilt too — I see a lot of clients and I know for myself too who think that we should be grateful for all that we have and then end up feeling guilty for feeling depressed or anxious. In reality, it’s ok to feel depressed or anxious and feel grateful for things.

    I prefer the positive psychology approach of looking at What Went Well in my day and more importantly, to practice kindness as a means to improve my wellbeing. I’m still researching a lot more into all this

    I do love the quote as it goes well with the ‘What Went Well’ thing anyway 🙂 Oh and the candle looks great 🙂

    1. I think it comes down to taking elements that work for you personally (as with anything). Totally agree that we should sit with our feelings. I think gratitude is more about pulling the positives and strengths from our day because that is what builds us up, not forgetting what we are truly feeling. xx