Are you comparing your body to an Instagram filter?


“We must learn a new way to think before we can master a new way to be”.

I shared this picture on social media and it’s gone a little bananas.Lighting, good angles, well-fitted clothing and a little editing.

 Are you comparing your body (the real-life one) to an Instagram filter?


It seems strange right?  Not the most flattering photo.

BUT, I shared it for that exact REASON.

I used to believe that skinny meant healthy. I would look at girls on social media, in magazines and in real life and think “wow, their life must be AMAZING and they must be so so healthy.  If only I could be stricter with my exercise and eat less so I can look just like them”.

I used to think that when I my stomach was “flat” I would be happy and everything in life would magically fall into place.  Have you ever thought that too?


When I am ______, life will be perfect”?

I felt the urge to share this photo because it shows things aren’t always as they seem.  Lighting, good angles, well-fitted clothing and a little editing can make a stomach look flat.

  But no matter what, my skin rolls when I sit down.  FACT.  

Are you comparing your real-life-body to an Instagram filter?

I work out, I eat nourishing foods, I practice mindful eating and I practice self love at every opportunity possible.  I also eat without restriction because I know restriction does not serve my body or my mind.  Oh, and I’ve had two beautiful babies too.

  I know that those skin rolls are not a reflection of my health, wellness or self-love and they certainly don’t determine my happiness. 

I would NEVER have posted this a few years ago. But I NEED you to know that happiness doesn’t come from a flat stomach or a perfectly peachy behind.


Work on your fitness because YOU want to.

Move because it makes YOU feel energised.

Choose nourishing foods because they make YOU feel good.
Eat mindfully because YOU respect your body.

LOVE YOU enough to see past the superficial image and into what truly matters.

I’m sharing this photo for YOU. And for you in turn to share it for the sister, wife, friend, cousin, stranger who is sitting in front of their mirror wishing they were more like the girls they see on social media. The women who were once me.

I am sharing this photo because I need you to know that you can create the most beautiful relationship with food and yourself without judgement, fear and guilt.  It is possible!

Oh, and FYI that top photo was taken on the SAME DAY, in the SAME CLOTHING, in the SAME EXACT HOUR…


I’d love you to share this article.  You never know who is silently struggling with disordered eating or body image issues.  You never know who is battling from within.

Lighting, good angles, well-fitted clothing and a little editing.

 Are you comparing your body (the real-life one) to an Instagram filter?

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Lighting, good angles, well-fitted clothing and a little editing.

 Are you comparing your body (the real-life one) to an Instagram filter?



6 Responses
  1. I’m a child & adolescent psychologist and it’s really sad to see how many clients of mine with body dysmorphic disorder compare themselves to ‘bodies’ on Instagram. I’ve had to tell some of them to unfollow these people as it’s so unhelpful for their mental health.

    As for me, I am currently unhappy with my body but I actually don’t compare mine to others. I came to terms years ago that I’d never be skinny in the true sense. However, I have gained weight last year and am unhappy that my body isn’t what it used to be…with that in mind, I’ve started to eat healthy again and train properly and consistently.

    1. Hi Sanchie! Thank you so much for sharing your view as someone who must see this struggle on a daily basis also. I feel so sad that as a society we could potentially be creating a new and distressing era of disordered eating due to so much editing, filtering and shaming. Such good advice to unfollow!

      I love your personal view too. When it is for you, based on your own idea of YOUR ‘dream’ body, then it is so much more meaningful to achieve. I too have fun fitness and health goals and as you said the focus is on consistency (not perfection). xxx

  2. You are beautiful and are so true when you say that being skinny doesn’t mean that you are healthy. So many people compare themselves to unrealistic pictures on instagram and we need to take everything on social media with a grain of salt. Thanks for linking up with the Ultimate Rabbit Hole.