Do my children and I need multivitamins? Hivita review and your exclusive discount


As a health coach there are definitely questions that pop up often.  One of the most asked questions is “Do I need multivitamins and do my children need multivitamins?” and I think it is such a brilliant one to ask.  You’ll also learn a shock statistic that really outlines WHY I’m talking about multivitamins.

As you guys know I am NOT a health professional and therefore any medical advice is best directed to your health care provider.  What I will share is my personal view on multivitamins and some questions you can ask yourself or consider next time you are thinking about taking a multivitamin (or just improving your health and wellness in general).

As a health coach I wholeheartedly believe in eating a wide variety of whole foods to ensure you are getting adequate amounts of every nutrient available and necessary for your body to thrive.  Good nutrition (in the form of whole foods) is beyond important for health as well as weight balance.  I’ve definitely noticed  a focus on fitness and calorie/macro counting but in all honesty if you are not eating the micronutrients (vitamins, minerals and antioxidants) and fuelling your body correctly it is unlikely that your body will thrive and your weight will balance long term.  In fact, if you’re not eating those micronutrients consistently and instead focusing on the numbers/grams/overexercising it’s more likely that you will totally stress out your body resulting in adrenal fatigue, injury or disordered eating.  As the saying goes, you can’t outrun a bad diet.  Eventually it will all catch up.

The industry of fixing stuff (reactive health care) is HUGE and it wants your money.  You receive pills and potions to fix all the issues you have such as pain, illness and injury.  Obviously some of these are unavoidable and totally necessary.  But in many MANY cases, we could be doing a more to prevent health issues occurring in the first place.  As they say, prevention is better (and a heck of a lot cheaper) than a cure.


How can we focus on health in a preventative way instead of a reactive way?

When it comes to taking multivitamins I like to personally think of them as insurance.  I know that myself and my children eat a pretty well-balanced diet that consists primarily of whole foods and I would love to say that multivitamins are not necessary.  BUT, I also know that my family and I aren’t perfect and we have a few notable health issues and dietary requirements that require a little extra TLC.  We also don’t eat perfectly all the time, because, LIFE.  And I have a toddler (enough said, right!).

I also know that in reality a huge number of people (as in 94.9% of the Australian population over 18 in the last survey!!!!!) are not eating the recommended daily intake of fruit and vegetables, which in my opinion is still well below what it should be for optimal health.  

THIS is why I’m talking about multivitamins today.  

I could talk for SO SO long about why I (along with other health professionals) believe we are seeing an increase in chronic illness, disease and even mental health issues (and therefore an increase in reactive health care) but I will leave that for my coaching and another day.

In short, what I can say is that 94.9% of us may not be getting the vitamins, minerals and antioxidants our body needs in order to thrive on a consistent basis.  Are you one of those 94.9%?

Take a moment to ask yourself the following questions:

  • How am I currently eating?
  • Am I eating MORE than the recommended daily intake of fruit (2+) and vegetables (5+)?
  • Do I have access to good quality fruit and vegetables (ideally locally sourced from nutrient-rich soil)?
  • Am I eating sufficient amounts of RAW vegetables and fruit (vegetables and fruit that haven’t been heated as some vitamins such as vitamin C are heat sensitive)?
  • Do I have any allergies, intolerances or special dietary requirements that result in avoiding certain foods/food groups?
  • Do I have any health issues, complaints or illnesses?
  • Am I taking any other medication?
  • Do I smoke?
  • Am I pregnant or breastfeeding?

Every single one of these questions may impact the level of vitamins and minerals your body naturally needs in order to thrive.  You can see just from this list of questions that it’s so important to discuss your unique vitamin needs with your chosen health care professional.

Like I said above, I like to view multivitamins as insurance for both myself and my children, and for them to “fill in the gaps” so to speak.  For me personally, my son also attends day care and has significant health issues (chronic asthma) so taking a multivitamin is somewhat of a no-brainer for me.  While taking it won’t prevent him from being exposed to bugs, I personally feel as though it helps his little body fight off any bugs or illnesses a lot quicker and easier and ensures that no matter how fussy he is on any given day he is getting the vitamins and minerals his little body needs to thrive.

I was recently sent the Hivita multivitamins to try for both myself and my son, and we all know from my ebook Feeding Fussy Toddlers that my son is one tough critic!  Like most toddlers he is very (VERY) vocal about his likes and dislikes so I was a little sceptical about him trying (and actually liking) a liquid multivitamin.  To my surprise he LOVES the Hivita multivitamin for kids.  He told me it tastes like banana (it has a natural tropical flavour – no artificial flavours!) and he loves taking it from a little measuring cup.

As a mum I am also impressed that Hivita Liquivita for kids doesn’t contain added sugar.  Did you know most kids multivitamins actually contain added sugar but the manufacturer doesn’t have to list it because it isn’t an active ingredient (I know, my jaw dropped too because I had no idea!).  Up until this point I had been giving my son gummy multivitamins that contained 120g of sugar per container of multivitamins (1g per gummy).  We joked and called them his “lollies” but in actual fact they are lollies.  The joke was on us.

What you need to know about Hivita Liquivita for kids:

  • Their premium, Australian made products are based on the highest possible standards, the finest quality ingredients, the most stringent research and scientific evidence.
  • Hivita Liquivita for Kids is a complete multivitamin for kids. It is been formulated with 30 active ingredients (vitamins, minerals, amino acids and herbs) to help fill nutritional gaps and support healthy growth and development and immune function.
  • It has a natural pineapple and mango flavour (or banana if you ask my son), a taste kids love, without any artificial colours or flavours. The delicious liquid multivitamin also has no added glucose or sucrose which helps parents manage their child’s daily sugar intake and ultimately make a better choice for their health and vitality.

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Hivita Liquivita for Kids is available in all good chemists and health food stores and is also available to buy online (free shipping for all orders over $60.00).

I’ve also been personally taking the High potency Women’s multi, which is a one-a-day tablet for energy, stress, mood, PMS, heart health and antioxidant support.  I’m still breastfeeding my daughter and I eat primarily plant-based foods so it’s important for me to ensure I am getting all the essential vitamins and minerals each day.  Again, insurance just in case. 

LET’S COVER THE IMPORTANT STUFF AGAIN (because let’s be honest, you probably skim read the rest…am I right!?)

  • Speak to your preferred health care professional about your unique health and vitamin needs.
  • Ask yourself the questions I listed above.  They are also great to ask if you are wanting to balance your weight in a holistic, non-restrictive way!
  • 94.9% of the Australian adult population are NOT eating the recommended daily intake of fruit (2+) and vegetables (5+).  Are you one of the 94.9%?
  • I personally view multivitamins as insurance and I want my insurance to be of the highest quality possible.
  • Hivita have a small but exceptional quality range of vitamins that are Australian made and owned.   They’ve been kind enough to offer you an exclusive Her Nourished reader offer to trial the Hivita Liquivita for kids.
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As always, I hope that this inspires you to take control of your own health and feel confident to ask a few more questions when it comes to the health of you and your family.  We all deserve to live a vibrant, healthy and nourished life!

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*As stated above, this article is for inspiration only and is reflective of my own personal choices as a mother.  This information does not constitute a patient-doctor relationship nor does it provide health care advice.  Seek appropriate health care advice from your chosen practitioner for your unique situation.  Please read the Her Nourished disclaimer for further information.  I only review products that fit with the Her Nourished philosophy (to inspire women to balance their weight without restriction and feel healthy, happy and nourished).  All reviews published on Her Nourished are done so with this philosophy in mind and never intend harm.  All opinions are my own.