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Quinoa porridge, green smoothies and buckwheat pancakes are all Divine breakfast options, but what about those days when you are so rushed and just need to get breakfast on your plate and in your mouth?  Toast is often a go-to for busy mums so these healthy toast ideas are perfect when you are short on time and want healthy toast ideas to go (or you’re just a huge fan of toast!).

These two healthy toast ideas are my GO-TO and favourite toast options.  I’m not a huge toast eater (other than seemingly when it comes to my kids crusts!) so I rarely have toast.  But when I do choose toast as a breakfast option I am almost ALWAYS choosing one of these two healthy toast ideas.

Before we start with the toppings it is important to touch on the actual toast.  There are two types of bread that I suggest aiming for, with regular supermarket bread being your last resort option!  Toast can be incredibly nourishing and nutrient-dense IF you choose wisely.

My top picks for your toast base are:

Ezekiel bread

Ezekiel bread is a ‘bread’ made from sprouted seeds and grains.  It is incredibly nourishing, easy to digest for most as the grains and seeds are sprouted, and also dense and filling.  It is one of the more expensive options at approximately $11 per loaf here in Australia, but please note that one slice of this will leave you feeling as full as 4 slices of regular bread would.

You can find ezekiel bread in the chilled section of most health food stores.

Organic gluten free bread with seeds (you can make your own, of course!)

Gluten is a controversial topic in the health area and one that I personally minimise but do not avoid.  In saying that, a good quality gluten free bread is likely nourishing provided you choose wisely.

I love the option of making my own gluten free bread at home using the Monica’s mixes (found on Sprout Market) and then slicing and storing in the freezer.  Speaking of Sprout Market, this online store is my new favourite health food store (where I can order from the comfort of my PJ’s!).  When you join today using the link HERE you can enjoy 20% off and free shipping on your first order!  YAY!

Organic rye sour dough

This is one of my kids favourite options as it tastes more like “regular bread” but is easier to digest due to the processes required to make sour dough.  This can also be found at a health food store and then stored in the fridge or freezer for longer keeping.  We buy ours fresh from Flannery’s Australia.

And finally

Organic stone-ground wheat bread

I’m incredibly happy to share that both Woolworths and Coles Australia are now stocking organic stone-ground bread as an option for those of us who choose to eat more organic foods.  As mentioned above, this is not my preferred option when it comes to toast, but if you ONLY have access to a supermarket and don’t have a chance to make your own bread then this would be an option.  The loaves are usually between $5-7, a slightly more expensive option but worthwhile in my opinion.


SWEET healthy toast idea:
– 1 slice gluten free seeded bread, toasted
– 1 tbsp nut butter
– 1/2 banana
– Organic cinnamon
– 1/2 tsp chia seeds

SAVOURY healthy toast idea:
– 1 slice gluten free seeded bread, toasted
– 1/4 avocado, sliced
– Sliced red onion
– Sliced cherry tomato
– Chilli flakes
– Sea salt

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Watch the video to see how easy it is to create delicious and nourishing yet quick and simple healthy toast for those super busy mornings (or toast lovers!).

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Krissy is a certified nutrition and health coach, passionate recipe developer and a busy mother of two living on the Gold Coast.  With a background in psychology and several years of experience in case management and coaching, her passion is to show you how easy, quick and budget-friendly healthy eating can be.  Krissy helps busy mums become the master of their health, get nourishing meals on the table in less than 30 minutes and balance their weight in the process.

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