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When I came up with the concept of Nourished in 30 I was deep in #mumlife struggles.  I was a busy mum with a FIFO husband (all still current) and I knew I needed to get this book out to other mums who were struggling with their time.  While I feel I’m a “busy mum” and I know so many others (whether mums or not) can relate to feeling as though they are prioritising their time to ensure those around them are happy, my schedule has nothing on families who are emotionally drained, financially pulled and needing support.

I’m so incredibly passionate about supporting mums and women in wellness and nutrition but what you may not know is that with my Psychology background I’ve also worked for years with families in a different capacity.  Working with families who were struggling in ways you could never consider possible is enough to ground anyone and remind you that awareness, kindness, understanding and GIVING BACK is ESSENTIAL, ALWAYS.

At Her Nourished we are SO excited and honoured to announce our first charity/cause that we are supporting as part of the Nourished in 30 book launch next month.

There are many charities and causes that are incredible, but given Nourished in 30 is about empowering and supporting busy mums it was important to me that we chose a cause that was a reflection of that.  A busy mum (and family) who needed our support.

With every book sold in September 2017 as part of the launch, Her Nourished will be donating a percentage of each book sold DIRECTLY to the family of A Way for William.  So basically, YOU will be making a DIRECT IMPACT on the life of this beautiful little boy by purchasing Nourished in 30, and making life just that little bit brighter for his family.

When I told William’s mother that we would love to support William and her family, her response was that of a mother who genuinely feels everything her little boy does.  It’s hard to not tear up when writing this because as parents we just want to take any pain, sickness or uncomfortable feeling from our little ones.

I’d love for you to learn a little more about William and why we are choosing to support this family for the month of September as part of the Nourished in 30 book launch.

Learn a little more about William and his family here:

The following is from William’s Facebook Page A Way For William

William was born with a rare disorder called Congenital Pseudarthrosis of the Tibia. It occurs 1:250,000 births. Australia has a population of almost 24 million. 6 million; 25% are children. Therefore there are only 24 children of all ages in Australia with this condition. 

William has had 2 operations so far. One at 17 months to stabilize his leg. 9 months later X-rays showed he had an infection and the rod had to be removed. 

In March he had a routine check up at LCCH (Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital) with the Paediatric Orthopedic Surgeon. He discussed a definitive procedure involving Phosphorus infusions, rod in Tibia, pin in Fibular, a bone graft (taken from his hip) with an internal compression plate. 
The desired outcome is to remove the disease and create a cross union between the 2 bones.

His surgeon has performed this procedure only once and that was 3 months ago. It has not been determined whether or not it has been successful. 

In Aimee & Aaron’s search for solutions, they came across a group of Australians who have travelled to Florida to see Dr. Paley. 
They were put in contact with the Paley Institute, where Dr. Dror Paley responded personally and reviewed Williams X-rays. He confirmed the CPT and put forward his treatment plan. 

Dr Paley has treated over 150 children with this rare condition since 2007. His success rate has been 100% with 0% re fractures. 
He had gotten every patient to heal in 3 – 4 months. 
This is a very technically demanding operation which requires great attention to detail and much experience. You only get one chance to get it right, solve and eradicate this disease. 

The only downside to treatment with Dr. Paley is the distance and cost involved. This is overcome by the upside of his success rate, peace of mind, and safety. 

This family cannot achieve this on their own. 

To have this surgery in Australia based on the current experience with this disease is likely to result in multiple, invasive and painful surgeries.

As mentioned above, Her Nourished will be donating a percentage of each book sale DIRECTLY to this family (we will keep you up to date with how much we are contributing to the family as the book launches).

A way for William has a Go Fund Me Account set up for his surgery for anyone who wishes to contribute more.  We would also love for you to share this article so that we can reach as many people as possible to support this beautiful little boy.

We are honoured to continue to explore ways we can give back to our local mums/families and support mums in more ways than ever!  When women support each other, incredible things happen!

To keep up to date with the book launch you can join the launch list HERE.

There are so many ways you can support those in your local community, such as through using Eventbrite to create a not-for-profit event, Go-fund-me pages and reaching out to your neighbours and friends.

No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted – Aesop