Glam look using Natural Vegan Makeup | Hooded Eyes makeup tutorial

Whenever you see a picture of me pop up I can almost guarantee that I am wearing natural makeup.  But I haven’t always been interested in natural makeup.  

I’ve always had a special spot for makeup.  In fact, several years ago I even completed a certificate in makeup artistry.  I thought natural makeup was a little bit rubbish (and to be fair, some of it is) so I continued to use the products I always had.

That was until I started delving deeper into research and my own wellness journey.  It’s like a scary movie.  You don’t want to know but then you can’t look away.  The more I learn about beauty products the more I feel a little horrified at some of the ingredients we are so freely applying to our skin (our biggest organ FYI).

One of my fears/insecurities/questions when switching to natural makeup was ‘how can I still look glam wearing natural makeup’.  I thought maybe I’d just be part-time natural beauty user.  But I just couldn’t unlearn the stuff I’d been learning.  My motto has always been “as you know better you do better”, so I’ve since been on the hunt for good quality natural makeup and skincare that’s also low-tox.

I’m SO excited that I’ve found a natural vegan makeup that’s made in Australia AND actually amazing!  I’ve been using Dusty Girls natural vegan makeup since it was released and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!  I’m actually a glambassador for them now (meaning I get to share it with you, including sneak peaks into the new stuff!), maybe because I was talking about it so much!

One of my most highly requested videos from you guys was for a GLAM natural vegan makeup tutorial.  While this isn’t a tutorial, I did film one of my favourite glam look using natural vegan makeup!  I feel like it’s such a beautiful look and it shows you just how amazing Dusty Girls is, even for glam looks!


I’d love to know what you think and also if you’ve tried Dusty Girls makeup!  They’ve also been super kind and offered you all 15% off your online order if you want to try it out or re-stock.  Use the code ‘PRETTYWEETHINGS’.

My favourite products are:

  • Dusty Girls natural vegan lipstick in Goji Berries (used in video), Cacao shake and Chia seeds
  • Dusty Girls natural vegan mineral blush in Pink Ladies (used in video)
  • Dusty Girls natural vegan mineral foundation in Medium minerals with golden light.

All of the products used in the video can be found on their website: or in selected stores.

Check out this video for a full review of the Dusty Girls Makeup collection:

PS.  Some Dusty Girls products were supplied, some I purchased myself.  All opinions are my own as always!

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