Reflective Mindful Eating | What the heck is mindful eating and how do you do it?

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  1. I absolutely love how you have broken this down. I’m a psychologist, and it can be hard to really get across what mindful/reflective eating is. I’ll be sharing this post!

    1. Hi Jess, that is such beautiful feedback and exactly what I love to hear! I felt like, even as someone who studied psych, that mindful eating can sometimes be overcomplicated when really it’s so simple. And I feel like reflective mindful eating is the perfect place to start. xx

  2. […] 4. Quit the cheat meals. The word ‘cheat’ implies you are doing something you shouldn’t. It suggests a food is ‘bad’ or at least not ‘good’ because you have to cheat to be able to have it. Shift your focus away from ‘cheat meals’ and give up that language for good. Choose to INDULGE with full awareness and enjoy every single mouthful, then simply move on. Not sure how to do this? Read this article about reflective mindful eating. […]