How to STOP picking at your kids’ food and stop that unwanted weight gain!

If you’ve ever made your kids toast and eaten the crusts because you hate the thought of waste then you need to read this article about how to stop eating your kids’ food and STOP that unwanted weight gain!

If you've ever made your kids toast and eaten the crusts because you hate the thought of waste then you need to read this article about how to stop picking at your kids' food if you find yourself gaining unwanted weight!

Picking at your kids’ food isn’t actually an issue, until it is.  The reason I bring up picking at your kids’ food now is because recently this was something that I was doing MINDLESSLY and that was consequently impacting upon my own health.  It was also something that every mum I speak to (clients and friends) does, so if you find yourself mindlessly picking from your kids’ plates and that is resulting in unwanted weight gain then mumma, YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

Eating food mindlessly is never a good idea.  Mindless eating is a large contributing factor in unwanted weight gain, poor health and emotional eating and can leave you feeling as though you HAVE to turn to a restrictive diet in order to “get back on track”.  There is something about a plate of kids’ food that attracts mindless eating, and I believe that is due to one (or many) of the following reasons:

  • You’re starving but you prioritise your children’s hunger, wellness and meals over your own.
  • You make SERIOUSLY good food for your kids and have to taste as you cook.
  • Your kids are going through that fussy stage and you hate to see your food wasted!
  • You didn’t even realise you were eating the kids food as you were feeding them because you were too busy doing mum-tasks.
  • You’re totally stressed out!
  • It’s just a habit.

As mentioned above, eating from your kids’ plates isn’t an issue until it is.  So often my clients share with me that they are struggling with unwanted weight gain that is impacting their confidence, self-esteem and ultimately happiness.  If eating from your kids’ plates isn’t an issue for you then by all means carry on as you are, but if you feel as though picking at your kids’ food is getting you further from your goals, LISTEN UP!

If you've ever made your kids toast and eaten the crusts because you hate the thought of waste then you need to read this article about how to stop picking at your kids' food if you find yourself gaining unwanted weight!


Serve food for yourself when you serve your kids’ food.

As a mum it’s not strange to serve your kids’ food earlier than your own.  So of course it’s likely you might not have food in front of you when feeding your kids (and even if you do serve up a meal it’s probably cold by the time you get to it, right!?).  It’s important that your children see you ENJOY food – healthy, nutrient-dense food – so serve yourself a small meal or snack if it’s not quite your meal time.

Some ideas:

  • Serve a mini-meal of the same foods you’re kids are eating
  • Make a protein shake or a cup of tea
  • Serve raw vegetable sticks and hummus/avocado
  • Serve yourself a small bowl of nuts and seeds

Bring containers to the table to store left overs

One of the biggest struggles is FOOD WASTAGE!  That feeling when you’ve spent hours in the kitchen preparing dinner for your kids and they decide today they are on a hunger strike, would rather play with the food or down-right think it’s the worst thing ever served, EVER (even though they loved it yesterday).  Food wastage is one of the main reasons for eating your kids’ food, and I totally get it.  Instead of stressing over wasted food, time and money, bring containers to the table!  As soon as your kids have finished place any left overs into containers and pop them straight into the fridge.

Having left overs means you have something to serve your kids when they share with you that they are hungry again (always, right!?) as well as lunch or dinner for the following day.  You’re minimising food wastage and you are supporting your health by reducing the likelihood of mindless eating!

Become aware of what you are eating!  Start a food and mood diary

Note down what you’re eating and how you are feeling.  You’ll quickly realise when you’re eating and WHY you are eating.  Are you stressed, starving, emotionally eating or eating out of habit?  Take note of what’s going on for you at your kids’ meal times and when you pick at their food the most.  Once you realise WHY you can tackle that by using one of the tips shared here.

Prioritise your own nutrition and meals.

Go back to basics and ensure you have prepped meals or have easy snacks ready to go.  Just like tip number one, serving something for yourself when your kids eat can be a simple solution to picking at your kids’ food without realising.  If you are prioritising your own meals you are less likely to be starving when your kids are eating and therefore less likely to pick at your kids’s food that might leave you gaining unwanted weight.

Let go of the guilt

If you do end up eating from your kids’ plates please do not feel guilty.  There is no place for guilt or shame.  This is about becoming aware of your actions so that you can become the best and most healthy version of YOU, because healthy and happy mums = happy kids!  It’s so important for your kids to see you happy and healthy and enjoying food and if that means eating from their plate (while they allow you) then by all means enjoy!

We all struggle with similar things as mums and we are all in this together.  You are not alone and you are certainly not doing something wrong!  You’ve got this mumma! xxx


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