How to Eat Healthy When Your Family Doesn’t


How to eat healthy when your family doesn't

A common question that comes up is how to eat healthy when the rest of your family doesn’t? Whether it’s a partner that can not live without a sneaky ice-cream or packet of chips, your children that would rather stick vegetables up their nose then in their mouth or grandparents that attempt to feed your little ones willy wonker and his whole chocolate factory, we are bound to bump into someone that is on a different wellness journey than us because, well, we’re human and we all have different values, priorities and knowledge.

Although it’s easy to respond with negativity and resistance, your journey and values will be better received if you choose to approach and respond from a place of positivity, kindness and love.

The definition of nourish is to grow and build and we are constantly progressing, growing and building on ourselves as people, as well as our health and wellness. From this we have the ability to empathise and understand where someone else is on their own health journey.

So instead of telling your partner every ingredient that you’ve put into dinner and all of it’s fantastic health benefits simply offer the dish out of love and kindness, serve it with something that they will recognise and enjoy having a nourishing meal together.

Getting your little ones involved in meal preparation and menu planning is a great way to get them interested and involved in what’s happening in the kitchen.

Slowly incorporating healthy alternatives and swaps in your usual grocery shop will generally result in less resistance from your family; Remember progression is better than perfection.

Strive for Nourishment, not perfection.

Supplying nourishing treats for those trips to the grandparents house whether it be homemade bliss balls or something from the supermarket is a good way to meet in the middle.

For more tips watch this video where Krissy from Her Nourished chats about approaching those who might not be on the same journey as you.



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Krissy Ropiha is a Certified Nutrition and Health Coach and Psychology graduate, passionate about supporting, inspiring and empowering busy mums to take back control of their health, get nourishing meals on the table in less than 30 minutes and feel confident in their own unique body.  


Strive for nourishment, not perfection.