Is It Hard To Be A Healthy Parent? Tips from a Nutrition Coach

Is It Hard To Be A Healthy Parent?  Tips from a Nutrition Coach

Is it hard to be a healthy parent?

Let’s face it – being a parent is hard work, regardless of what lifestyle you choose we are all faced with the obstacle course of parenting.

We always feel like we’re running against the clock, our patience is stretched regularly and we’re constantly faced with challenges.

Sometimes we can clear the course and feel like a real winner.

Sometimes we stumble and trip and end up battered, deflated and exhausted.

Regardless of what course you’re on, we all have one thing in common; We want to do the best we can for our kids.

So let’s take a moment to dust ourselves off and give each other a pat on the back!

Is It Hard To Be A Healthy Parent?  Tips from a Nutrition Coach

Just like you your little ones are on a wellness journey of their own, they’re constantly evolving and changing. So instead of telling them let’s guide and teach them. Let’s give them the tools to be self aware in their own bodies and minds. And start to make the connection between how different food makes you feel.

Continue to expose them to different types of food and let them make their own healthy choices. Educate them and encourage open communication. Emphasise fresh air, hydration and exercise. Avoid guilt and feelings of deprivation. Model the change that you want them to embody. Be mindful to eat in front of them and with them; It is important that they see you enjoying nourishing nutrient dense foods.

Depending on your morals, values and views on food – Establish your non negotiable’s, establish your grey area and the rest will fall into place.

I’ve made this our lifestyle and routine so it’s not hard but every family will be at a different point in their journey.

Like anything in life it can be difficult if you make it difficult and it can be simple if you make it simple.

Is It Hard To Be A Healthy Parent?  Tips from a Nutrition Coach

Words transcribed by Her Nourished Community Manager Blair Guglielmino


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