Healthy Family Menu Plan for Family of Four | WINTER WEEK 1

Over on Instagram (@her.nourished) I’ve been sharing our weekly family menu plan for our growing family of four, and it seems you really like seeing it!

I thought it might be helpful to have a space to refer back to when you are planning your meals each week so I will try my best to share our weekly family menu plan here too!

If you enjoy seeing our weekly menu plan for our little family please let me know and I can continue to share them (or better yet, create an easy to download document that you can print out and use as you need).

This is the first full week of Winter so our meals are on the warmer side.  I’ve outlined below our meals for the week as well as any adaptions and notes to make it work for our family (and how you can make it work for yours too!).  All recipes can be found in my recipe book Nourished in 30 unless they are linked (we also have a sneaky SUNDAY discount code so that you can save while planning your meals!  Use ‘SUNDAY’ and receive 15% off storewide!).  We also have our kids recipe book coming soon, so stay tuned!



Vegetarian curry with either butter chicken sauce OR Green Thai curry sauce.  Served with brown rice.

Surprisingly, my husband has been asking for vegetarian meals more often!  I’ll load the dish with delicious vegetables such as pumpkin, cauliflower and then serve with a protein such as chickpeas or lentils alongside brown rice to make sure we are getting all the essential amino acids.  Our kids LOVE curries just as much as we do, however, I do tend to make the dish a lot less spicy than I would personally enjoy.  If I have time, I’ll make a small serving of spicy curry sauce on the side for the hubby and I.  He will also take any left overs to work the following day.


Cauliflower fried rice from Nourished in 30.  I will likely make this with organic tofu or tempeh or some scrambled eggs for the kids.  This meal is a great option for kids who don’t mind cauliflower or the texture of rice.  A fun hack for kids who are used to regular rice is to mix in regular jasmine or basmati rice with the cauliflower rice!


Build your own Perfect Stir Fry from Nourished in 30!  This is often a go-to mid-week dinner for me as I know it is super quick to make and it’s also the perfect meal to make before grocery day.  I simply use up any leftover vegetables from the week and create a delicious stir fry following the easy method set out in Nourished in 30.  I will usually add buckwheat noodles for the kids.


Sushi date night!  Once a fortnight, give or take, we love to go out for dinner as a family.  We almost always end up at a sushi train as they open early, serve quickly and our kids LOVE sushi.  It’s a family win!  Planning in our date nights gives us a night of the week to REALLY look forward to as a family!


HOMEMADE PIZZA NIGHT woohoo!  This is a HUGE favourite with the kids and if you follow along on Instagram you’ll know how involved they are in the entire process.  If I don’t make my own bases I will simply purchase wholemeal lebanese bread and use that.  I prepare a variety of pizza toppings and the kids sit with us at the kitchen bench and choose their toppings.  I’m still amazed each week at the array of vegetables they choose to add to their pizza (and the ingredients they eat as we are making them!).  DIY meals are such a great way to encourage kids in the kitchen and to create fun and enjoyment around meal times.

Full instructions are coming in our kids recipe book!


Simple chicken meatballs (pressed into patties) (recipe in Nourished in 30) to make homemade healthy burgers.  When you make meals healthy you can have pizza and burgers in the same week!  We usually choose a good quality ciabata bread or have an open burger (i.e. without the bun) and again let the children have a say in what goes into their burger.


Sunday is the day I plan our family menu plan for the week ahead, so tonight we had the one-pan salmon and veggies from Nourished in 30 alongside homemade wedges and baked sweet potato.  It ended up being a four-pan dinner because I saved myself some time and prepped some basics for my lunches for the week ahead also!  I simply doubled the veggies outlined in Nourished in 30 and added baked sweet potato and regular potato.  The meal was still table-ready in under 3o minutes!

As always, I’d love to hear if this was helpful for you and if you’d like for me to continue sharing our weekly family menu plan alongside my tips and tricks for making it work for the whole family.

This and SO much more is covered in thorough evidence-based and practical detail in my MEAL TIME SUCCESS program/guide, available NOW.  I believe every parent is doing the best they can in the moment they are in with the resources they have available to them.  With this program I simply hope to add to your parenting toolbox so that meal times can be successful, easy and stress-free (yes, it is possible!).

We can’t wait to help you achieve meal time success EVERY DAY.

Krissy Ropiha is a Certified Nutrition and Health Coach specialising in early childhood nutrition and a Psychology graduate (BScPsycHons).  She is passionate about supporting, inspiring and empowering busy mums to take back control of their family’s health, get nourishing meals on the table in less than 30 minutes and achieve happy and successful family meal times.

Strive for nourishment, not perfection.