How to deal with Fussy Eating Toddlers | Q&A with Meal Time Success Consultant

Fussy Eating Toddlers are tough!  But did you know that meal rejection is a common and normal childhood behaviour?

Fussy Eating Toddlers are tough!  But did you know that meal rejection is a common and normal childhood behaviour?  Knowing this sure doesn’t make meal rejection any easier in the moment, but there are effective and evidence-based strategies that can be put in place to avoid or minimise that meal time stress when it does pop up (and let me assure you, if you haven’t yet experienced meal rejection you likely will, myself included!).

As a Meal Time Success Consultant, busy mum of two toddlers (pending the arrival of number three) and passionate cook (with a background in psychology) I am so honoured and excited to bring to you my first Question and Answer session in relation to all things TODDLER EATING.

I receive so many questions each day and thought, in addition to answering you all personally (which I always do) I would also spend a little more time delving into your questions.  I think every question was so relatable to other parents and that by answering in detail it would not only support you, but also anyone who might have young children (because we all face these battles at some point).

My goal is for your meal times to feel SUCCESSFUL regardless of the barriers and battles faced.  It is possible for meal times to feel successful and stress-free when you have the (evidence-based) and kind parenting strategies on hand.

Watch the video below where I answer some of the most frequently asked questions that come into my inbox each week.  If you have a question you’d love for me to answer about toddler eating please feel free to reach out to me (email and Instagram are the best ways to get in touch).


Questions answered in this Q and A with Meal Time Success Consultant Krissy (aka me):

‘My toddler says they are hungry all the time.  They eat a lot which is amazing but never seems to be full’

‘My two year old is so fussy.  They will eat something one night and a few days later won’t touch it.  If they don’t eat dinner, what is your advice?  Try something else or go to bed hungry?’

‘I have a 14 month old and they barely eat anything.  Bottles have been cut to 2 per day so they would be hungry for food but they just aren’t bothered.  I’ve tried everything (purees, mash, roasties, finger food) but they won’t eat it.  I only manage to get a smoothie into them.  Any suggestions?’

‘Suggestions for a three year old who has refused food since about 1 year old.  They eat healthy snacks like ‘Messy Monkeys’ all day long if you let them but can’t get them to eat any regular food like pasta, veggies etc.  Do you have any tips for very stubborn eaters?’

You can also read my real-life practical tips to help toddlers eat vegetables (using kind parenting strategies) HERE.

*Please note questions have been paraphrased for conciseness and identifying details removed.

This and SO much more is covered in thorough evidence-based and practical detail in my MEAL TIME SUCCESS program/guide, available NOW.  I believe every parent is doing the best they can in the moment they are in with the resources they have available to them.  With this program I simply hope to add to your parenting toolbox so that meal times can be successful, easy and stress-free (yes, it is possible!).

We can’t wait to help you achieve meal time success EVERY DAY.

Krissy Ropiha is a Certified Nutrition and Health Coach specialising in early childhood nutrition and a Psychology graduate (BScPsycHons).  She is passionate about supporting, inspiring and empowering busy mums to take back control of their family’s health, get nourishing meals on the table in less than 30 minutes and achieve happy and successful family meal times.

Strive for nourishment, not perfection.