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I’m Krissy, qualified Nutrition and Health Coach, recipe developer, mumma of two and zucchini-oat obsessed. With a background in Psychology (BSc Psyc Hons) and several years of experience in the field, my passion is to empower you to heal your relationship with food, overcome disordered eating and learn a new food language that DOESN’T revolve around restrictions, deprivation or self-hatred.

The women I work with no longer feel consumed by food fear.  The women I work with feel empowered to make food choices that are PERFECTLY suited to their needs.  The women I work with lose weight if they feel they need to, but never as a result of restriction.  The women I work with are some of the most empowered and beautiful women I know.
My mission is to guide you.  YOU.
The YOU that is where I once was.
The you that just purchased yet another restrictive dieting plan, hoping this time it will be different.
The you that just punished yourself for eating a slice of cake last night by working out extra long in the gym today, even though you had eaten well before the cake.
The you that feels as though you just can’t reach your dream body and that this must mean you are a failure.
The you that determines your worth based on your weight.
The you that feels disheartened anytime you visit the shops because clothing doesn’t fit the way it does on the models.
The you that strictly counts calories.
The you that says no to social events in fear that they might derail your diet.
The you that weighs yourself each morning and then feels dictated by the number on the scales.
The you that looks at social media models and compares themselves to someone they have never met.
The you that is where I once was.
My mission and my vision for Her Nourished is simple.  I want YOU to overcome your food fears, live in YOUR dream body WITHOUT DIETING, ever, and live a balanced, nourished life.
I want you to know how beautiful your body and mind can feel.  I want you to know that your dream body IS achievable and that you can get it without restrictive dieting.
I want you to know how strong you really are.  It’s inside of you and it always has been.
That is my mission.
You’ve always been beautiful,
Krissy xx


I haven’t always been passionate about health. In fact, most of my teenage and early adulthood was spent obsessing about calories with little care for nutrients. I had a toxic and disordered relationship with food that was damaging my health and crushing my soul. I was preoccupied with what I ate and didn’t know the first thing about nutrition. I ate copious amounts of refined processed sugar and lived primarily ‘low fat’. I was sick, tired and undernourished, with thinning hair and and a dark, unhealthy voice constantly in my head.

I made a choice to talk to my then-boyfriend (now husband) about my struggles with disordered eating and it was the best choice I have ever made. Those feelings aren’t meant to be dealt with alone. Having someone I trusted and who was non-judgemental and supportive was life changing. Literally. I still didn’t know much about nutrition or wellness, but I did know that I needed to make some MEGA changes to my life and mindset. I now look back and know exactly how secretive, soul-stealing and debilitating disordered eating is, yet I also know how truly magical food and our bodies can be. Overcoming disordered eating isn’t as simple as ‘just eating more food’. Like many mental battles it goes far deeper. But it is possible to overcome disordered eating and develop a health and positive relationship with yourself and food.

That was only the start of my journey.

Just when I thought I was on top of my disordered eating I would be diagnosed with Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome, hypothyroidism and struggle to fall pregnant. I am proud to say I didn’t fall back into old habits, but I did realise it was time for a change. A major change to the way I ate and thought about wellness. Enter the second part of my wellness journey, the part that sees me here today as a nutrition and health coach, a mum of two and a modern-day-meditator.

I don’t believe there is a one-size-fits-all model when it comes to health and wellness. We are all so intricately different.

What I do believe is that we all have the power and drive within us to take control of our health, heal our relationship with food, master our wellness, and quit dieting forever. All without giving up the things in life we love. We simply have to find that drive and never look back.

I’m passionate about finding your drive, your reason to feel the best YOU ever.

Pretty Wee Things is YOUR space. It’s a space to inspire you and your relationship with food and for you to learn how to create healthy, sustainable lifestyle habits. I want you to feel proud of yourself, of your shape and appearance, of your health and your lifestyle choices. I want you to LOVE YOU.

I’m here, every step of the way, to help you!

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  2. Hey Krissy. Thanks so much for sharing your story, your honesty and encouragement for others is inspiring! I have a friend who was also diagnosed with PCOS. I still know very little about it but I’ve seen the drastic health impacts. It’s been empowering for me to read your tips on how I can be encouraging and more aware when I hold dinner parties etc (I had no idea that dairy and wheat weren’t so great!).
    Thanks for creating a safe and warm space for people to learn and be encouraged by you! Awesome stuff xx

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      Oh you are so so sweet and your feedback has put the biggest smile on my face. Thank you! PCOS is definitely a maze – I remember crying in my doctors office when she told me (even though I knew nothing about it) because she was so matter-of-fact about the implications. It’s so common, but not something we have to suffer with.

      Pretty Wee Things will always be a non-judgemental space so I look forward to having you around 🙂

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