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Krissy is a Gold Coast mum of three and owner of Her Nourished Kids, an online space dedicated to supporting families with young children through meal times. Krissy is university qualified in psychology, certified in early childhood nutrition, an author of three kid-friendly whole food recipe books and creator of online programs for parents of children aged 0-6 years.   Krissy has a special interest in fussy eating and fostering healthy relationships with food and is known for her easy and achievable meal time strategies and non-judgemental support, both at meal times and through motherhood.
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  1. Hey Krissy. Thanks so much for sharing your story, your honesty and encouragement for others is inspiring! I have a friend who was also diagnosed with PCOS. I still know very little about it but I’ve seen the drastic health impacts. It’s been empowering for me to read your tips on how I can be encouraging and more aware when I hold dinner parties etc (I had no idea that dairy and wheat weren’t so great!).
    Thanks for creating a safe and warm space for people to learn and be encouraged by you! Awesome stuff xx

    1. Oh you are so so sweet and your feedback has put the biggest smile on my face. Thank you! PCOS is definitely a maze – I remember crying in my doctors office when she told me (even though I knew nothing about it) because she was so matter-of-fact about the implications. It’s so common, but not something we have to suffer with.

      Pretty Wee Things will always be a non-judgemental space so I look forward to having you around 🙂

  2. Ally Jones

    Hi!! I’m ally jones and would LOVE if you emailed me about starting a healthy life and ditching the torment of food eating disorders. I read your eBook and love it, but would like to talk on a more personal level. Whenever you are able to talk, I’d love to connect with you. I feel like you might finally be the help I’ve been praying for.

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