Family Meals
I prefer to spend as little time as possible in the kitchen at nights…which is a rather difficult task when you have two hungry boys! I’m all for making easy yet healthy dinners that are enjoyable for the whole family, and that can also be eaten the following day for lunches.¬†Cue healthy chicken balls! Chicken...
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So tonight for dinner I felt like fried rice, but (sorry to break it to you) traditional fried rice is super unhealthy.  Yes, it has tiny specks of veggies in it, but it is fried in way too much oil and has a tonne of added salt (soy).  This healthy fried rice version is so...
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These mini goat feta and zucchini quiches were such a hit that the little man ate five (yes, FIVE) in one sitting (that was before he went on to eat a banana cupcake – yes, he still likes my baking haha – sultanas, and half a banana). I think I have discovered why I am...
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