How did I quit ‘added sugar’? Let me start by saying I LOVE lollies.  I could eat them all day, every day, and have loved them for as long as I can remember.  I honestly thought cutting added sugar (like lollies) from my diet would have been a horrendous ordeal, involving slip-ups and constant “I’ll start...
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Here are some of this weeks health and food photos from my camera… Most weeks I will make a trip out to Burleigh (Gold Coast, Queensland) to visit the store “Heavenly Foods”. They have a great range of health foods and sell in bulk bins so I can get as much or as little as I need....
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Banana egg white pancakes have been floating around Pinterest and social media for a while now, so today I tried my luck at making them.  While my picture is a little questionable, they were AMAZING!  Super nourishing, filling, sweet (just the right kind of sweet) and simple to make.  I will definitely be making these...
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