happy long weekend lovelies! Today I thought I would share with you just how easy it is to create soft waves, even when you are running short on time. 1. waah and blow dry hair (or leave to dry naturally) until 80% dry. 2. Twist hair to one side 3. Secure twisted section in a...
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I have always maintained that for me personally diet plays the biggest role in weight loss/maintainence. However, in saying that I have found that the key to achieving the little changes to physique, fitness and strength lie in exercise. Before I had my son I was one to go to the gym at least 5...
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Scorching heat, mouthwatering food, juicy cocktails and impeccable manners – an easy way to describe my experience of Bali.  And one of the reasons I absolutely wanted to share with you our Bali travel guide and our top spots in Seminyak. One of my all time favourite destinations would have to be Bali.  We would...
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