Meal Time Success
Fussy Eating Toddlers are tough!  But did you know that meal rejection is a common and normal childhood behaviour?  Knowing this sure doesn’t make meal rejection any easier in the moment, but there are effective and evidence-based strategies that can be put in place to avoid or minimise that meal time stress when it does...
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Children have a short attention span, so it is also common for children to get up and down from the table or lose interest in their meal quickly (as frustrating as it can be for parents). Short attention spans, including at meal times, is a common behaviour demonstrated by toddlers and pre-schoolers and my children...
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There are few parents who don’t relate to finding vegetables a challenging part of meal time.  As adults, most of us know how beneficial vegetables are to our overall health and wellness.  We know we should all be getting at least five serves of fruit and vegetables each day.  BUT actually achieving a meal time...
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