15 Minute Meals
Her Nourished | Thai Noodle Salad
If you’re getting stuck for quick and simple meal ideas that are still healthy, you’ll love this Thai inspired lower carb noodle salad.  This meal can be made in minutes (literally, about 10) and it’s delicious as a lunch or dinner (or both). I LOVE the fresh flavours of Thai-inspired meals.  I also LOVE super...
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Forget traditional sugary fudge.  This turmeric freezer fudge is SO simple to make, sugar free and nutritionally dense.  It’s the perfect afternoon pick-me-up without the sugar crash to follow. I made this by accident.  And then I made it again and again until I finally was patient enough to take some photos so I could...
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Quinoa porridge, green smoothies and buckwheat pancakes are all Divine breakfast options, but what about those days when you are so rushed and just need to get breakfast on your plate and in your mouth?  Toast is often a go-to for busy mums so these healthy toast ideas are perfect when you are short on...
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When you’re a busy mum you NEED dinner to be on the table quick-smart. This healthy and simple chicken salad will be every mum’s best-friend.  Even as a food blogger who LOVES the kitchen I don’t love spending unnecessary hours in there, especially at the end of the day.  And that, my lovely, brings me...
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