This post was originally shared on my site and after such a huge response to an Instagram post about bloating I thought it was necessary to share this incredibly empowering information here too! BLOATING – Common causes and how to relieve bloating naturally Bloating is one of the most common issues among women especially...
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Christmas can be a really tough time of year for anyone struggling with their relationship with food (you can read more about my story here).  In fact, even if you’re not struggling with your relationship with food, chances are you have at some point struggled a little with food guilt.  And more than likely it has...
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Stress is totally natural and actually ‘normal’.  But prolonged, intense emotional stress, well, not so much.  Our bodies are designed to cope (actually pretty well) with short bursts of stress, such as when we need to run away from a lion.  Clearly incredibly handy for the World we live in today! When our stress response...
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