healthy halloween treats
Healthy halloween treats
If you have children who trick-or-treat you will likely know the after-effects of Halloween candy.  Tired, grumpy, lethargic, hyperactive, constipated, sick, whiny and begging for more sweets, just to name a few. Halloween treats are typically filled with masses of refined sugar, artificial sweeteners, colours and flavour enhancers.  This year skip the sugar-coma and meltdowns...
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Halloween is such a fun time of year, but also a time filled with candy and sugar.  Sorry to be a kill-joy, but all those sugary sweets aren’t going to do you or your children’s teeth and body any favours.  None. I have you covered though.  I have 5 of the best healthy Halloween treats...
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It’s ALMOST HALLOWEEN!!!  I was never one to get into the whole Halloween holiday, but I think I am slowly becoming a holiday addict.  Maybe it’s the whole having kids to share it with thing, but maybe it is also just because it is so much fun.  And who doesn’t like a bit of fun?!...
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