hooded eyes makeup
Whenever you see a picture of me pop up I can almost guarantee that I am wearing natural makeup.  But I haven’t always been interested in natural makeup.   I’ve always had a special spot for makeup.  In fact, several years ago I even completed a certificate in makeup artistry.  I thought natural makeup was...
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One of my most popular posts is my SUPER OLD hooded eyes makeup tips post. Apparently a few of us have droopy eyelids (aka hooded eyes), so I thought it was about time to share an actual makeup how-to for those of us with the dreaded hooded eyes. Hooded eyes makeup dictionary: Mobile Lid: The part...
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The dreaded hooded eye!! I always feel a little down when I watch my favourite makeup artists complete their looks on non-hooded eyes as I know that it just won’t look anywhere near as amazing on me. ┬áBut don’t stress if you have hooded eyelids – there are some really simple hooded eyes makeup tips...
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