low fat
For someone who doesn’t like anything remotely scary I am a huge fan of Halloween.  I love the decorations and mostly the atmosphere when it comes to Halloween.  The one thing I am not a huge fan of though is the CRAZY amount of processed sugar.  Could you guess how much sugar the average child...
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Did someone say low fat peanut butter and chocolate banana bread!  What a mouthful, literally.  This peanut butter and chocolate banana bread is seriously mouthwatering, moist and (most importantly) healthy.  For any traditional banana bread fans you will want to know about this one.  While it’s not ‘traditional’, it has some pretty mega health benefits in...
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Last week I posted these low fat chocolate chip bliss balls on my Instagram and had you all guessing the five simple ingredients. You did a good job too, naming three of the five ingredients straight up. To put your minds at ease, and because you WILL want to try these, I have decided to...
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