party planning
Mum guilt.  It’s all consuming and overbearing.  And it’s everywhere. Take last Easter as an example.  I decided my son could only have a small piece of his Easter chocolate.  I felt mum guilt for giving him chocolate in the first place and then I felt mum guilt for only letting him have a small amount....
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Finding simple party snacks that are healthy and delicious can be a hard job, especially if you are the host.  To take the stress out of hosting parties these holidays, here are my favourite healthy and simple party snacks that everyone can enjoy (even the kiddies).   Healthy and simple party snacks Healthy hummus, vegetable sticks and...
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Okay, so this may be over a year later…but I reallllly wanted to share with you some photos from my wee blue baby shower.  It was such an awesome and fun day, the perfect way to celebrate a new life! We were so excited to find out we were having a little boy, but he certainly...
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