PB2 snacks
I’m finally jumping on the “What I ate Wednesday” bandwagon!  And, I kind of suck at it because I keep eating my food before I remember to take a photo of it…oops.  Little L and I had a pretty busy day today as I desperately scrambled to find some birthday presents for the Man (his birthday...
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I hope all you mummies (and children of your own Mother)  had a lovely Mother’s day yesterday! My little munchkin decided that Mother’s day was the perfect day to show us all that he could crawl at six and a half months! A very special day none the less. I don’t have a huge amount of...
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HOW TO MAKE PB2 CHOCOLATE CRACKLE I just discovered PB2 and am in LOVE! I actually am not a fan of peanuts or regular peanut butter, but this is such a delicious treat and is super low in calories (compared to the regular stuff). If you haven’t seen or heard about PB2 yet, its a...
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