quinoa salad
I love a good power-packed super food quinoa salad!  And this one was a huge hit and so simple to make. Sometimes I get totally stumped when it comes to preparing work lunches for the week.  I am a HUGE fan and advocate of meal prepping but meal prepping can get a little overwhelming when planning...
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Meat.  It’s a staple food for many. The argument is that meat is a source of protein, therefore must be eaten regularly.  True, meat is a source of protein.  But did you know that you can also get good quality protein from plants, beans, legumes, nuts and seeds? And that brings me to this week’s...
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Salads absolutely do not need to be based around lettuce.  In fact, sometimes the last ingredient I think of when making a salad is lettuce.  This quinoa corn and orange salad is balanced enough to hold it’s own as a meal, or it makes the perfect side to your main. I do admit, fruit in salad...
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