toddler food
MINI SPINACH AND EGG MUFFINS There are days when cooking healthy and nutritious meals for your kids is TOP priority. And then there are those days when you consider putting an apple and a few crackers into a bowl and calling it a day. Even as a health and wellness blogger, I get those days...
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This zucchini and tomato quiche successfully aided my tomato-adverse toddler to EAT HIS TOMATOES!  A big achievement!  I therefore name this a toddler-friendly zucchini and tomato quiche that is delicious enough for adults to enjoy too. I don’t know what it is about raw tomato but my toddler will not have a bar of it....
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Independent little toddlers are the HARDEST to feed!  We have entered the “do it myself” stage, which is awesome if you have a spare gazillion hours each day…no, it’s mostly actually okay.  But food is definitely a new challenge because he must do it himself. He doesn’t need help, nope, not even when his food is...
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