I’m Krissy, the creator and serious foodie behind Her Nourished. As a busy mumma of two little kids and a FIFO wife to one seriously cool guy I know how challenging it can feel when it comes to health and weight balance.

When I balanced my weight and let go of the need to restrict and diet my life changed. I was happy, healthy and FREE and the flow on effect was incredible. My mission is for you, beautiful mumma, to feel that too. I’ve helped my private coaching mumma’s regain their confidence and balance their weight AND I love sharing my SUPER SIMPLE and QUICK (and nourishing of course) recipes, tips and tricks with you for FREE too!

I’m so happy you are here and I can’t wait to get to know you! xx

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Balance your weight for good

It's a myth that restrictive dieting gets you your "pre baby body".
I'm so passionate about mumma's balancing their weight in a HEALTHY and SUSTAINABLE way because the flow on effect is incredible. Happy mumma = happy babies, happy relationships & happy friendships.

Let's work together to balance your weight for good